OCTOBER 28, 2010- Burbank

Nearby Burbank is a city where caches are frequently archived and replaced. It’s possible to find them all and then go back a few months later for a bunch of new ones. Sunday was dedicated to exactly that (& 1 annoying old one) with BWidget and EMC. One of our first stops was
Road Apple Way (GC217TJ)
. I’d failed to reach it with EMC a few months ago from the South side of the 101. We got there this time from the North by walking across an equestrian bridge. We found the cache quickly and saw a few namesake road apples.

After the short hike, the remaining caches were all park and grabs. It’s a wonder that the Burbank PD never stopped for these suspicious characters.

Spoondoggie joined us just in time for lunch at Shakeys where we shortened our lives by eating plates full of pizza, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and mojo potatoes. After piling on dessert we waddled in a line like penguins back to the car and resumed caching. We soon ended up at Gross Park. Yes, that’s the real name. The very strange playground equipment proved to be irresistible to EMC and spoondoggie. I have videos of them going down the slide. No! Not together. But I’ve forgotten my youtube password.

Toward the end of our day we were met by other cachers and we exchanged signature items. L to R, Mrs. digitalfuzz, Mr. digitalfuzz, spoondoggie, Yosemite Debbie. Yosemite John, unseen, is also in the Jeep.

There’s often a serious lack of scenery during urban cache runs. So instead of more sidewalks, parking lots and lamp posts, here’s a scan of the 11 geocaching wooden nickels that I collected from caches during the last few months, plus my own. I wish that I’d started collecting years ago. Oh well…

If anyone’s got their own geocaching wooden nickel, I’m willing to trade. E-mail me or talk to me at an event. Speaking of which…

I’m now carrying a Garmin “chirp” as an over the air travel bug. If you approach within about 30′ of me with a “chirp” activated Garmin GPS, the travel bug information will appear on your screen. Please note the number and log it on geocaching.com. Come say hello too.


One Response to OCTOBER 28, 2010- Burbank

  1. Thudpucker says:

    A UCK nickel.

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