DECEMBER 4, 2010 – Hollywood Hills

A mid-week happy hour conversation morphed into a group geo-hike to the Hollywood sign and the Bat Cave of TV & movie fame. Our 8 cacher car shuttle left 2 vehicles near the Bat Cave and we doubled up for a ride up Bronson Canyon to the trailhead below (just South) of the sign.

Our first goal was in sight almost right away from the moderately steep and wide open trail.

Here’s EMC (Elin) on a paved segment where someone went over the edge.

I’ve found about a dozen fallen, destroyed and often bullet riddled cars in my caching career. This time there was no wreckage.

The views South and West toward the ocean were blocked by haze. Forest Lawn dominated the close-in view to the North.
The trail leads around, behind and then above the sign. But a chain link fence blocks access about 50’ from it. I read somewhere that a distraught actress jumped off the “H” to her death about 80 years ago.

A huge tower festooned with microwave dishes is directly East.

Twenty minutes later, hiking East along the ridgetop, Sissopolis (Christine) found her 200th cache. Congratulations!!

Elin soon wandered off not to be seen again that day. The rest of us continued down a very steep but short descent to a wide fire road. Road apples and trail biscuits were particularly abundant.

Albackore (Jeff) and BWidget (Bill) were disappointed at our only DNF
Monday A Walk In The Park (GC1QR16).

This was Hollywood (well…close anyway) so SOME weirdness was to be expected. Christine rode a local dragon.

But the utterly absurd sight below sorely tested my tenuous grip on sanity. This extraterrestrial visitor was trying to ‘fit in’ and didn’t get it quite right. This is not photoshopped. We REALLY REALLY saw this, exactly as it appears.

After encountering the dragon and the confused alien, we arrived at the Bat Cave. As usual, a filmcrew was using the other side so we didn’t go through.

We finished our appx 6 mile, 4 hour, 8-12 cache (depending) hike with a group shot. Then we got into our nearby cars for the trip to complete our car shuttle.

L-R front: Albackore, Sissopolis, deeznutz®,
L-R back: OLdweeb, BWidget, Spoondoggie, Walrus310.
picture by Christine’s Lumix camera on timer


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