DECEMBER 16, 2010 – Pacific Palisades

It’s been a long time since I tried to find caches to complete the Santa Monica Mountains History Adventure (GC18GXW) challenge. I was stalled at 52 of 63 required caches for years. Then I learned that BWidget (Bill) was in the same situation. We compared notes and decided to find 3 caches in the Pacific Palisades area that we both needed. The first was Lion’s View (GCCAB9).

We were lucky to find a parking space on Paseo Miramar, a winding residential street that ends at a trailhead. Two girls in a brand new Tesla Roadster Sport weren’t as successful. They zipped back and forth with an electric whine.

The trailhead!

The trail was moderately uphill, all the way. There were numerous side trails. There are no caches on them. Hint, hint.

The view of Santa Monica Bay and the Palos Verdes Peninsula was spectacular.

We saw a first time (for me) view of the skyscrapers of West Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles, in alignment.

We found 3 caches, with Lion’s View, the middle one. Bill didn’t see it, at first.

After a, thankfully downhill, hike back to the car we saw a different Tesla parked next to my Honda Element. A 10 minute drive East brought us to another trailhead at Temescal Canyon Park. It was our plan to find Reservoir Dog (GC577C), another one for the SMMHA challenge.

One spot on the heavily switchbacked uphill trail was lined by several species of cactus. Here’s one with downtown Los Angeles in the background.

My grandmother had a miniature one of these for rubbing on kitchen burns.
We somehow missed the turnoff to Reservoir Dog,

and found ourselves at the bottom of Rivas Canyon. Backtracking uphill wasn’t appealing. So we gave up and hiked South to Sunset Blvd. There were no caches on the way out. Our disappointment was somewhat lessened by the interesting sights. This looked like a Hobbit house. No one was home.

At a rest stop Bill spotted a duck bill shaped mushroom in a tree stump.

The trail ended at an undeveloped, paved cul-de-sac. We continued walking on a single lane street and reached Sunset Blvd.

We walked almost 2 miles through residential areas and then through town where we found an urban cache and had lunch at the Panda. From there it was 15 more minutes back to the Temescal Canyon parking lot. Reservoir Dog and Swingin’ Sullivan (GCA30) will have to wait for another day.


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