JANUARY 2, 2011 – vacation’s end

Toward the end of my 16 day holiday break from work I went on some half day mini cache runs. I’d long since exceeded my 2010 goal of 1,200 finds so I started at noon and drove to Channel Islands Harbor. The area was mostly a half finished construction site on my previous visits. Now everything looks complete. There’s a cache on the left side of the bridge.

This is the view from the cache on the bridge.

South of the harbor there was a cache in the jetty. The previous log was a DNF. I couldn’t find it either.

All wasn’t lost because I got to see the sunset from GZ.

A few days later I went to Griffith Park to find Henry’s Trail (GC483) for the Santa Monica Mtns History Adventure (GC18DXW). The trailhead at the North end of Commonwealth Avenue had unusual vegetation. It looked a lot like coastal areas of central California.

On my various hikes I take lots of pictures of downtown Los Angeles. This one is from closer than the rest.

This is the view, left from the same spot.

I found Henry’s Trail and a few others and finished 2010 with 1,527 finds.

On January 1 I went for my annual new year’s day hike, in a different part of Griffith Park. I went to find mshock’s A walk in the park series. Damage from recent storms was evident.

Hiking on a trail I was surprised to arrive at an unused paved road. I walked on it and found 3 caches.

There was a scenic surprise at the last cache Christmas Day (GC1XXY5). It’s the easternmost waterfall I’ve seen in the Santa Monicas.

Happy New Year and happy caching!!


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