JANUARY 25, 2011 – Nerd, Dork, Geek, Dweeb!!

Nerd, dork, geek, dweeb!! I suspect that they’re all too familiar childhood taunts for many of us. For me, that was a long time ago and since then I’ve learned to embrace all the names. That’s why my caching name is OLdweeb. In this golden age of technology and exponentially expanding knowledge, being a nerd, dork geek or dweeb carries a certain cachet. I’ve decided to celebrate by hiding a series of 4 caches with these names. Two are already active:

Nerd (GC2MR57)
Dork (GC2MR5H)

Geek and Dweeb should be published and active next weekend. If you’re able, take a hike!! And find all 4.

Here’s the freeway sign for the park where the caches are (or will be) located.

The trailhead is on Las Virgenes Road just off of the 101 freeway. There’s parking for only a few cars.

About 150’ South of parking there’s an unsigned locked gate. I’ve been assured that it’s OK to pass thru the hole and all map evidence seems to confirm this. Logically, how can there be a “Highlands” park if the only hillside is blocked off?

If you don’t go to the gate, you can still go straight West from parking, 600’ down this trail. Dork is at the end.

Nerd and Dork look like this. Geek and Dweeb will probably look the same.

As a newbie cacher I looked forward to finding interesting stuff in caches and always carried a bunch of rubber lizards & frogs to exchange. Thousands of caches and years later, almost all geoswag annoys me. It just gets in the way of log removal and return. But I DO like pathtags. I used to take them and give them to my geofriend LAEd. Lately I’ve begun to appreciate their designs. Here are the ones I have:

Bye for now.


One Response to JANUARY 25, 2011 – Nerd, Dork, Geek, Dweeb!!

  1. chaosmanor says:

    Cool! Another trail to hike in Las Virgenes 🙂 Have to keep our eyes open for new listing. Had no idea that this section was open.

    BTW: we still like to see interesting swag, but the vast majority of it is junk, although we can turn some of it into TBs, so *that* works out 🙂 What ticks me off, though, is when some clown tries to stuff something into a cache that is too small for it 😦

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