FEBRUARY 8, 2011 – Yermo Rd & Phonetic Alphabet Series

Every year I look forward to caching on Superbowl Sunday because muggle density is lower, there’s less traffic and more parking. I’d planned an urban cache run again this year. At the last minute I decided to boost my numbers on 2 mini power trails in Yermo, a 140 mile drive just beyond Barstow on the I-15.

The Yermo Road series of 60 caches started here with these “Road Closed” signs at my back.

The forward view looked like this, all the way through.

Except for the first and last caches all of the containers were 2 liter soda bottle blanks. They look like 6” test tubes with a cap. They were each slipped into a tube sticking out an inch or two from the ground. Only the camo’d cap was visible. They’re unobtrusive but easily seen by cachers.

For the first 20 caches or so not a single vehicle passed me going either way. The roadsides were deserted too. The few nearby structures seemed to be abandoned. Here’s an extreme example.

Traffic picked up and there was an occasional occupied house or business. Thanks to hiders DJAlan and JohnMac56 for NOT placing caches in front of those. The gaps let me pick up some speed and got airflow on my radiator.

About ¾ of the way through, I detoured across the freeway to the Phonetic Alphabet Series on a long perpendicular dirt road. I’d found Alpha (GC2GQ7B) through Foxtrot in December but had to turn back in the rain. This time the weather was clear and 75 degrees. On the way to Golf I saw another Honda Element, the same color as mine, parked off road. It was towing a motorcycle so it probably wasn’t another cacher.

After finding Golf and Hotel, I got smart and went to the end, past Zulu to AA. Then I worked my way out. The cache pages say, “best to leave your Prius at home.” That’s good advice. Most of the road looks like the picture below but there were a few steep hills that a Prius or similar car might not be able to handle.

A few miles in, I enjoyed the roadside views with no sign of human activity.

Here’s the view beyond AA. Is someone going to hide even more caches to extend the series?

This is the view from Oscar (GC2GQ56) on my outgoing ride. The phonetic caches ranged from pint sized plastic jars to ammo cans. They were no farther than this from the road.

Here’s the last mile back to the pavement.

I reached it, crossed the freeway and found the last few Yermo Road caches. The day ended with 5 hours 10 minutes of caching, 85 finds and NO DNFs!

At my plodding pace, it might take me several days. I hope to find the Route 66 Series (800+ caches) in the next few months. See you there.


One Response to FEBRUARY 8, 2011 – Yermo Rd & Phonetic Alphabet Series

  1. DJAlan says:

    Glad you enjoyed the YER-MO cache run! I was actually out there on Saturday (someone said they couldn’t find one so I went to look, but it was still there) and met two other cachers on the road… Not hard to find them, nobody really stops and gets out of their car on that road much… 🙂

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