FEBRUARY 28, 2011 – Rancho Cucamonga

It was supposed to snow in the hills above Chatworth and a group of SFV cachers planned to go snow hiking/caching there at the end of Brown’s Canyon. Sunday morning arrived and there was no snow. Besides me, only Don_J showed up at the Antonovich Park trailhead. He wasn’t feeling 100% so he made the smart decision to go home. Instead of hiking alone, I too went home and looked on the gc.com site for another place to cache. I chose Rancho Cucamonga and was on the road 90 minutes later.

My disappointment at the lack of snow in Chatsworth was relieved by the sight of the mountains near my destination.

I started with a 10 cache hike along a drainage ‘wash.’ The mountains were behind me but I turned around often to look at them.

The straight line hike took me through 4 holes in chain link fences and over a low block wall. I even emerged at a street from behind the wrong side of a city “No Trespassing” sign. Instead of listing dire penalties, it just stated that violators assume all risks for injuries. The caches were easy finds. Most of the logs were wet. One of them was pushed so far into its narrow neck container that I couldn’t extract it, even with various tools.
After ‘finding’ Transverse Range View Earthcache (GC22YE0), I hiked back to my car and drove South. I was irritated at the number of placements at high traffic intersections with no legal parking. There’s no way for a non-local driving cacher to reach them. Things were better in the completely deserted industrial sections. And again, I kept looking North at the snow.

I found 10 more caches. Just before starting for home I saw a sad sight. What an ignominious end for something that cost thousands of dollars 25 years ago… Maybe an Apple person will rescue it.

STUFF: My camo tape collection. All 5 rolls were bought at WalMart. All except #4 were $3.97. The brand name is “DUCK TAPE.” They can be found in a wire display rack in the paint supply section. #4 was bought 2 years ago, for $4.97, I think, in sporting goods.

Look for some oddly camo’d caches in the West Valley, soon.


2 Responses to FEBRUARY 28, 2011 – Rancho Cucamonga

  1. George Cardenas (BigD'GRC) says:

    Have not ventured much in the RC area but of the few that I’ve done had no quick and easy parking nearby to make the grab. Got tired of finding parking that I gave up on grabbing those without an easy spot to park. Being from the HD it’s nice to venture out to other areas to cache being that my local area has been cached out. I plan to finish up RC area but may bring a bicycle instead to get around. There’s a bike series that run east west through the city. Thanks for sharing!


  2. christine says:

    Hi Ken,
    Looks like a beautiful hike! I didn’t know anything about it or probably would have joined…I wasn’t receiving notifications on the website (but should be now), so it went under my radar. Ah well. I sure wish I’d have been there to grab that old Apple…I’ve been wanting to turn one into a fish tank for a while.

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