APRIL 9, 2011 – Rialto & Fontana

A cluster of 50+ caches in Fontana-Rialto caught my eye. A few days later I was on my way with San Fernando Valley geofriends, EMC (Elin), BWidget (Bill), Don_J and deeznutz® (D or Derrick). We were reinforced by local cachers lovesreward (Cherise) and esquimaux (Dennis). They provided helpful knowledge of the area throughout the day. Our first target was the “shape series” of 20+ caches on North Riverside Avenue, beginning with Round Is My Shape (GC2NGHY).

The caches were mostly 35mm film containers under easy to see suspicious piles of rocks. Good enough. But parking was horrendous. A few hides were near wide pullouts like the picture below. The majority were next to rough, rock strewn, weed choked strips barely wide enough for a car. Traffic zoomed by inches away on the driver’s side. There were series caches on the other side of the street too requiring multiple U turns.

It was a relief to finish the series and turn onto a quieter street. After a pre-lunch, lunch we drove by many other caches that had no legal parking including a sub-cluster of 8. We tried to access them from a side street but found “No Trespassing” signs blocking the entire area. So it was nice to pull into ultra clean Fontana Park with lots of parking to find 2 caches there.

BWidget (Bill) made a new friend. Maybe we’ll see their future adventures on youtube.

Just about every road through open areas had a few park & grab caches on it. At one of them, D stickered a log while keeping a wary eye on a ground squirrel that stared back at him.

The California Wildlife series of 12 caches conveniently popped up 2 days before our cache run. Though no FTF opportunities remained, our group sticker was near the top on each of the logs.

Dark clouds gathered and it rained lightly for a few minutes.

So we skipped more caches that involved walking far onto vacant lots. Due to erratic driving our Priora (plural of Prius) were separated. I had no choice but to get onto the 15 fwy when Elin’s Prius pulled out of the on-ramp. No matter, there were caches at the next off-ramp and Don, Cherise, Dennis and me found them. Afterward we met the others at Chili’s. Dennis joined them for a real lunch while I looked for more caches with Don & Cherise. We retrieved Dennis after lunch and found more caches as the others went home. Dennis found a cache with a “log tree.” Our sticker was added appropriately.

A few finds later we dropped off Dennis & Cherise. I ended the day with 61 finds. Don found a few more back in the SFV and I understand that Cherise also found more on her own to reach 62 finds for her personal best day. Congratulations!!

I’ve found almost 1,900 caches in the last 16 months and still dropped 20 places in the California cachers’ standings. I have to attribute this to the mega power trails, Trail of the Gods, ET Highway and Route 66, with 660+, 1,000+ and 800 caches respectively. As a slow speed cacher I had no interest in these trails. But now there’s a real possibility of me falling out of the top 100 CA cachers list. So beginning with the cache run described in this post, I’m going to cache like never before for a week to make up some ground in the standings. More posts to follow.


3 Responses to APRIL 9, 2011 – Rialto & Fontana

  1. lovesreward says:

    What a fun day ~ thank you for inviting me a long for the ride. I did break my daily record and ended up with 64 Caches for the day – thank you for helping me get there! Great day, good people, lots of Caches and a few memorable ones along the way as well. How about – R U Thirsty?! Ha, that was a lucky find indeed. Let me know if you are out in this area again and perhaps we’ll get to break another record or two. 🙂

  2. christine says:

    Looks like you had a great day!

  3. BigDaddyGRC says:

    Close to home, I need to make a stop down the hill for some caching in this area. Sounds like a great group to cache with.

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