APRIL 28, 2011 – all cached out?

MAY 17 update: My Acer laptop is being repaired in TX. I compose blog posts in MS_Word, which my netbook doesn’t have. So…no new posts until the laptop comes back. Sorry.

Before my first trip to Route 66, I spent a few days in San Diego. I unwound in the ocean air and found 41 caches, mostly new ones in familiar areas.

I didn’t find the one next to this out of business paddle boat restaurant.

No find here, either.

A 15 mile inland drive to Mission Trails Regional Park again let me hike and find caches, this time without rain. Here’s an especially impressive container in the NE section.

Unfortunately, the area was full of metal trash, appliances and even wrecked cars.

One of the cleaner areas held only 1 cache.

A hummingbird tried to block me from going to a tree. It was wasted effort for the bird because there was no cache hidden there.

In another section of the park I thought that the cache located below should be called, “Snake City.” I was glad to see the container quickly, before any reptilians appeared.

On April 23 I took a 483 mile day trip back to Route 66. I found caches #450-460 & 500-667 plus 5 outside the series. At the beginning, just West of Amboy, I saw the REAL “Shoe Tree” below. The tree in Amboy from the previous week was a wannabee. And further West I saw another wannabee tree.

I got back into the previous week’s rhythm and again found caches at 35/hour.

An abandoned rest stop was the site of a Terra Girl cache Beep! Beep! (GC18RTN).

Along miles and miles of this section of the “Route,” rocks were arranged on the North side, mostly spelling peoples’ names. The red rocks below stood out. Don’t blame me. I’m far too lazy to gather rocks and place them. And besides, the translation is literally “middle country person/race,” meaning “Chinese.”

As a devout non-believer in numerology I was amused that there was a cache “#665-B” instead of #666. Thanks Team Stevecat for not screwing up the statistics by leaving it out altogether.

I’ve been back for a few days now and I’ve seen a couple of interesting oddities.

And this is why I was late to work yesterday.

After almost 800 finds this month, am I cached out? NO!!


8 Responses to APRIL 28, 2011 – all cached out?

  1. Wow! Fabulous hummingbird photo! Love the horse poop and the fire trucks, too. 🙂

  2. oldweeb says:

    I think the horse poop sign is to keep people from tailgating. Obviously there aren’t going to be any airborne road apples but the driver needs extra time to accelerate or stop. Sudden movements aren’t good for standing horses.

    • Don_J says:

      Modern trailers have the stalls on an angle. With the old ones, if they had to brake suddenly, the horse would go face first into the barrier. The angled stalls place the impact along the top right shoulder and distributes the weight along the side of the animal.

      I have driven both heavy and light vehicles, and I always keep a defensible space around me. I will always give right of way to motorcycles first, horse trailers second.

  3. BWidget says:

    Good job Ken. Glad that you made it and good to see that you’re not cached out.

    On a side note, guess where I went last weekend? Angel Island. Only got a couple right around the harbor but took the tram tour around the island.

  4. geocass says:

    Fabulous photo of the Hummingbird. Very impressed with 35 caches an hour, that’s some going! 🙂

  5. Don_J says:

    Too bad I can’t fit a 666 in. I kind of lost all of those superstitions when my sister made me the adopter of a black cat. I even walked under a ladder with her in my arms.

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