MAY 28, 2011 – Route 66, #800

While my Acer laptop was being repaired in Texas I went on another 500 mile daytrip to find the last 172 caches in the Route 66 series. The morning began unpromisingly with rain all the way from Pasadena to Devore.
I’m glad that I trusted the forecast because after the Cajon Summit the skies were clear. Two hours later I was back on Route 66.

Multiple previous trips showed my maximum sustained solo speed to be about 35 caches per hour so I didn’t push for another record. I took more time to appreciate the desert.

A commemorative brass plaque at Cadiz:

A non-series cache Route 66 Pit Stop #1 (GC69CD) offered a short uphill hike and a nice view.

As I signed the log I heard sirens below then a loudspeaker demanding that the owner of the silver Prius (that’s me) come out. I knew that I was legally parked and NOT trespassing so I was curious. I climbed down and saw 2 CHP cruisers with lights flashing and 2 annoyed officers behind my car. It turned out that a commercial was about to be filmed and that that section of the highway was being closed. Fortunately for me, the next unfound series cache was several miles down the road.

Here’s the commercial film crew. A few days later I read in another cacher’s log that the CHP stopped her team for the commercial and then escorted them through the zone, bypassing 10 caches in the process. It’s strange that they didn’t catch up to me later.

After clearing the commercial zone, car traffic was very light. As always there were many trains.

I’m all for cachers having fun with rocks, even when they make dummy geopiles. But this crossed the line!

My only DNF was a non-series cache at this old well. I should’ve searched longer but I started to feel run down.

With only 97 caches to go I threw out my back while getting out of the car. Rapidly getting sicker and with a sore back I managed to hobble to only 24 of them. Even those were made harder to find by the increasingly rocky terrain. I forced myself to find the last 6 in a row. Then I spent 15 minutes at #800 admiring the celebratory creations of happy cachers. Fun stuff. The short rest made me feel a little better so I found 8 more post series caches before going home.

Thank you Team Stevecat. I’ll eventually go back to find the 700’s that I skipped.


2 Responses to MAY 28, 2011 – Route 66, #800

  1. not tom says:

    I liked your day except for the back pain.

  2. Jim says:

    I recently picked up about 40 of the series, between Kelbaker Road and Lavic Road, west of Ludlow. Sharon was on a biz trip back East, and I had taken our grandson, Justin, home in Pahrump. As I had no need to hurry, I took the long way, through the Mojave Reserve, instead of just tooling down I-15.

    It was quite warm at times, and I went through nearly two gallons of fluids, mostly water. It was enjoyable only because I love the Mojave, and so took time at each cache to admire the view. Doing several hundred in a day just seems too much like work. I seriously doubt that I could do more than about 100 in a day; I just don’t have the patience for it. Even a hundred might be too much. The good thing is that it means that there should be some caches to grab for a few years to come 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better! If you ever get a hankering to cache in Ventura County, drop us a line.

    Jim, the other half of chaosmanor

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