JUNE 12, 2011 – Ormond Beach (Oxnard)

June 12, 2011

It’s hard for me to get started on solo caching runs. I wake up early enough but then fall into the trap of checking e-mail and Facebook. More often than not, I’m not on the road until noon or later. Yesterday was particularly bad because the June gloom made it even harder to move. I didn’t reach Ormond Beach until almost 2pm.

Did you know that Ventura County has an official uniform-wearing bird watcher? That’s his truck inside the locked vehicle gate. It has an official looking county seal on the door but civilian license plates. He broke cover and came over to see what I was doing. Suspicion changed to friendly laughter as soon as he heard “geocaching.” He knew about the old cache that was 50’ behind the tsunami sign but not about the current cache, Ploverville Parking (GC2PJRB). I used to think that the warning signs were stupid but after seeing the March videos from Japan I’ll be at the head of the pack going inland after an earthquake.
I DNF’d the trailhead cache then started down the trail for the next one, Ploverville Highway (GC2PJQG). The decaying fence on the left protects plover nesting grounds and blocks off access to the beach.

The cache is on the right, just inside this primeval looking jungle. Don’t worry. The plants look menacing but they’re only 3’ high. Be careful to avoid the thistles if you’re wearing shorts.

It was a ½ mile to the 3rd cache.

Lots of rabbits and squirrels ran across the trail. This guy is missing his tail.

The trail opened up to sand dunes. About 600’ in I found the 3rd cache Ploverville Sandcastle (GC2PJQ9). It’s in an obvious place and wouldn’t last a day in an urban setting. In the dunes it’s lasted 3 months to date. I turned around here and walked back to the parking lot and another conversation with the bird watcher.
If you’ve never been here there are 8 caches to find on a 2.2 mile round trip hike. Good Luck!!