JULY 7, 2011 – Sycamore Canyon (lower)

A cluster of 13 green boxes gave me just enough motivation to go on my first serious caching hike in weeks. Fabrizio (pianofab) responded to my short-notice posting and came along. As expected, parking at the mouth of Sycamore Canyon was jam packed for the holiday weekend. We were lucky to find free street parking a ½ mile North on PCH. (Pacific Coast Highway)

We walked through the fully occupied campground to the trailhead.

Fabrizio found a cache in a suspicious bush, one that I’d logged years ago. Almost immediately afterward we turned West and uphill for a clockwise loop. It was 100+ degrees when we left the San Fernando Valley. On the trail it was 70. The comfortable temperature was offset by the overcast that reduced our ocean view.

We got above and beyond the fog where Fabrizio held his 1,001st find with Boney Mountain and the Serrano Valley in the background.

Why not his 1,000th find you might ask? Because as a selfish & self-centered cacher, I forgot to let Fabrizio search by himself and grabbed the cache myself. Continuing onward we emerged back onto the Sycamore Canyon trail at this junction.

On the ½ mile walk on PCH back to the car, Fabrizio pointed out a huge pod of dolphins over a mile offshore. There were hundreds of them travelling South. Even at maximum zoom, my cheap pocket camera was barely able to see them.

Congratulations Fabrizio for reaching 1k!! (no thanks to me)


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