JULY 13, 2011 – Inferno Caching (Las Vegas)

Except for an overnight visit in 1983 and a 3 hour flight stopover in 1999 I’d avoided Las Vegas. I’m not interested in gambling and I hate crowds and cigarette smoke. But when I got the chance to tag along on a cheap bus trip/hotel package with my 82 yr old dad and his senior friends I went anyway. The 15 freeway to the outskirts of Las Vegas was familiar from my many caching trips, always as a driver. This time, as a rider I got to enjoy the desert scenery much more. On approach, the view changed from cactuses to suburbs to mega hotels in 5 minutes. After check-in I don’t know who moved faster, the seniors toward the slot machines or me out the door with GPSr in hand.

Immediately I was shocked by the intense sauna-like humidity; a surprise in the desert. The annoyance factor skyrocketed when I saw my GPSr arrow spinning and reversing. It was clear that I wasn’t going to find any caches hidden among the tall buildings. So I walked North to a flatter area. The first clear reading pointed to a parking structure. Lucky (GC1WJ06). The hint said, “nice view,” so I knew it was on the top level. The view was as promised. I found/signed/returned the cache quickly because it was inside a government motor pool, in a lamppost, 6’ from the mayor’s car!

Continuing North on the street, I bought a 48 oz Slurpy, found a virtual cache at a neon sign graveyard and then a fun traditional cache on the back end of this dinosaur sculpture.

The steaming heat was too much for me even with the Slurpy. I went back to the hotel for a $18.99 buffet dinner, ouch!! While my dad & his friends gambled I went to my room to log finds. Free wi-fi? Not a chance!! It was $11.99 for 24 hours. The big screen TV was a surprise. But why – if there are only static filled channels and no HD? I suspect that that the PPV movies would’ve been in full brilliant 1080P HD. Anyway, the next morning I walked South on Las Vegas Blvd toward “The Strip.” I passed by “THE” pawn shop. 100+ people were waiting to get in. The cache at the corner of the shared parking lot was well placed and out of their view. Thanks hider!

The Stratosphere was my reference point and I worked my way toward it. Its enormous size made it seem deceptively closer than it actually was. On the way I ran into a stretch of 3 “Did Not Looks” that would’ve been fun to find with a group. The first one was in a bank of porn news racks. The next one was in the drive through window of a wedding chapel. The 3rd was on the back wall of a 2 car driveway at a bail bonds office.

Now again at 100+ degrees and with a mega 52 oz ice water in hand, I eventually made it through the seedy part of town and staggered onto The Strip. I stared up from the base of the Stratosphere and almost fell over from disorientation. I recovered, continued through a growing sea of muggles and saw the sights.

The incredible mishmash of architecture was garish and impressive at the same time. It’s the closest thing to Caprica City or Coruscant that I’m ever likely to see.

This is my verification picture for a virtual cache. It’s my big head with Caesar’s in the background. You’d expect an ancient Roman dictator to have a more impressive one.

I logged another virtual cache at Paris.

As huge as this is, I don’t think that it’s full size.
I’d planned to walk to the South end of The Strip and cut East to Sunset Park where there are 15 traditional caches. Then I saw a bus headed back to downtown. I boarded and watched my long walk pass by in reverse from the bus’ 2nd level front window. With only 12 finds all that was left was another dinner, a breakfast and a ride home. Here’s a picture of a medical center taken by my dad on the bus ride out. It looks exactly the way I felt after 2 days of inferno caching.


One Response to JULY 13, 2011 – Inferno Caching (Las Vegas)

  1. Jim says:

    This is one of your funniest blogs ever! Great stuff 😀

    I’ve been to Vegas a few times, mostly on business, years ago; never really liked it then, and it’s even worse, now. Still, that dinosaur sculpture looks pretty cool, and it might be worth a stop. That last picture looks like a drunken architect’s version of the Disney Concert Hall, or maybe his attempt to actually build the house in Robert Heinlein’s “…and He Built a Crooked House.”

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