JULY 17, 2011 – Carmageddon Caching

I knew that Carmageddon was media generated hype and believed that anyone who lives or travels in Southern California would have enough brain cells to avoid becoming part of it. Just in case I’d overestimated their intelligence I proposed caching in the opposite direction and asked for ideas. BWidget suggested Sunset Hills in/near Moorpark, Ventura County. Somehow we worked out a 3-car, 6-cacher shuttle on short notice and got to the trailhead without losing anyone.

The hike up short, moderately steep switchbacks was broken up by welcome stops to find caches. Albackore took this picture of us with his smartphone. (L-R: sissopolis, spoondoggie, me-OLdweeb, Don_J, BWidget with Wood Ranch Reservoir in the background.

We continued Northwest…

…along a fenceline and found more caches. Even though almost all of them were “micros-in-the-woods,” with 6 of us searching, none took longer than a minute to find.

Farther along the fence we got a closer look at the reservoir. It’s too bad that there’s no public access.

Except for sissopolis who’s of course a girl and the baby of the group, we’re all Men of a Certain Age prone to all kinds of reasons to cut short a hike. At a junction where we could go to our cars or into a canyon and up a big hill for 4 more caches we split up. Two went to the cars and the rest toward the caches. I was one of the 4 but after 2 more caches I didn’t want to crawl into an uphill vegetation tunnel so I turned around. Three went forward to find the last 2 caches. At a high point I saw them coming back 3/10 of a mile behind me.

I reached the cars and found Sunset Hills – Erbes Road Trailhead (GC23J1M). When everyone else arrived we shuttled back to the other trailhead and found the cache there. Sunset Hills – Red Berry Bush (GC23J1Z).

After that we recovered with a late lunch and drinks at the Elephant Bar in west Simi. The cache in the parking lot there On Safari (GC2M91G) was an unexpected bonus. By that time, Carmageddon was long forgotten.


One Response to JULY 17, 2011 – Carmageddon Caching

  1. christine says:

    Great job documenting our excellent hike, Ken! Totally fun day!

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