AUGUST 29, 2011 – Los Angeles (Cornfield) SHP

A dead camera, summer heat and just plain laziness kept me away from caching for most of the month. Not wanting to end August with only 7 finds I attended foomanjoo’s welcome home forest22 event, Back in the Nick of Time (GC328HK). The venue was a short-notice replacement for the original choice that closed for renovation a few days earlier. It was too small and jam packed with people who looked like regulars.

So I skipped the food and drove a few hundred feet away to a cache at the Gold Line station in Chinatown.

It was a quick find at ground level underneath the platform.

Then I drove back to the ”Cornfield” park across the street from the event. Albackore (Jeff) and BWidget (Bill) crossed over and looked for a cache in an art piece made of dull glass chunks. State Park rangers stopped to investigate. They were satisfied with our explanation about geocaching and wished us luck. Even though I’d found the cache in 2008 it eluded all 3 of us. We found it on a return visit an hour later with a crowd of other cachers.

The views from the park are impressive.

The N Broadway bridge looks like a painting.

After Bill & Jeff found the other park caches (2 of which are mine) I left my car and rode with them. We visited more nearby caches. Below, Jeff stretches to reach one.

My mention of a nearby brewery cache was enthusiastically received. We arrived and jumped out to inspect some giant casks. Here are Jeff & Bill preparing to probe a bunghole. The cache wasn’t there but it was close by.

A few blocks away we visited Whoa, That’s a Big Horse (GC2019R). The cache is fine but the giant horse has seen better days.

The highlight of my caching day (& our last joint find) was a return to a premium member cache that I couldn’t find in early July. It’s in a very very ugly, out of the way location. Jeff found it within seconds in a place that I thought I’d checked. d’OH!! Oh well, I found a painted fish shaped bottle on the ground and kept it.

Back at Bill’s brand new Jeep, we looked up and saw hanging shoes. We got out of there fast!!

BTW, my new camera is a Lumix ZR10. On MY computer, its pictures look noticeably better than those taken with my old Canon. I hope that the improvement carries thru onto WordPress uploads.


2 Responses to AUGUST 29, 2011 – Los Angeles (Cornfield) SHP

  1. Jim, the other half of chaosmanor says:

    That little SHP on the edge of Chinatown is pretty cool 🙂 We visited it three years ago after taking in a Dodgers game, and got both of the caches that were in it at the time; your two were hidden after that. The Nick Kornfeld “installation piece”.was actually pretty interesting, once you realized how much effort it took to construct it.

    As for the photos, they look about the same, but then, website photos aren’t usually going to be all that spectacular, anyway. But congrats on the new camera!.

  2. Thudpucker says:

    That is where I left my shoes.

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