OCTOBER 10, 2011 – Witches in the Woods?

I went to Juan Bautista de Anza Park in Calabasas on Lost Hills Road to convert some more green boxes into smilies. After finding a lamppost cache in the parking lot my destination was Secret Swing Cache (GC349TB) at an oak tree beyond the South end of the park. There was a fluorescent pink Chapstick tube at the base of the tree. It looked like trash. When I couldn’t find the cache I picked up the Chapstick and found a blank log sheet rolled inside. Wow! FTF!! I returned the cache to the back (SE) side of the tree so that it won’t be so obvious from the trail. Then I hiked to the top and beyond.

5 minutes later I looked down on a bucolic scene. Empty hiking trails and a bridge over a dry streambed were all centered on an especially large oak. I took the direct route down on an animal trail.

Maybe not so coincidentally my GPSr arrow pointed to the tree.

Before searching for Roble Grandisimo (GC217H4) I sat on a convenient stump under the tree and drank Gatorade. I looked up and saw what appeared to be streamer remnants from a kid’s birthday party.

There was a strip of paper tied to a low branch. What a weird cache placement. I unrolled the paper and instead of the expected signatures of my fellow cachers it read, “Holy Spirit I join with you in peace. My Solstice wishes 1. Unlimited Wealth, 2. Perfect Health, 3. Deeper relationships with…etc…” The stuff in the branches turned out to be ribbons. Oak trees are sacred to some; a good place for a solstice ceremony. That would’ve been on June 21 this year.

Neo-pagans aren’t the only ones who write on strips of paper that they leave in the woods. 5 feet away I found the well hidden cache.

The solstice celebrants left the cache alone so I tied the wish list back on its branch. It’d be interesting to see if anything happens at the tree on Samhain.


2 Responses to OCTOBER 10, 2011 – Witches in the Woods?

  1. christine says:

    Wow! What a cool story, Ken. I read a book on my Kindle recently (can’t remember the title!) and there was a tree exactly like this in it! It had wonderful things hanging in it and lots of notes and wishes. Pretty magical and beautiful if you ask me. I think it was pretty amazing that you came across a wishing tree on one of your adventures. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. oldweeb says:

    You’re welcome. I feel sorry for people who never step off of the pavement; who don’t know that things and places like this exist. Let’s keep hiking to see what else is out there. (except for bees and rattlesnakes, of course)

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