NOVEMBER 1, 2011 – Fiesta Island (San Diego) again

Besides desert caching, my other favorite is caching at the beach. When I saw 20 new green boxes on the map of Fiesta Island I was ready to go. On my past visits I’d never seen another SFV cacher’s name on any of the logs. I didn’t want to keep this island a secret so I invited Don_J. Picking off a few caches on the way, 24 hours later we were there.

We saw a small satellite island. I swam to it in 2005 and found a cache there, Whale Poop Isle (GC1AEA). Later an endangered bird laid an egg under the tree and the island was placed off limits. The cache was archived and never replaced.

While the East Coast froze without power under tons of wet snow, in San Diego it was a warm lazy day.

The one-way island-perimeter road was lined with easy park & grabs.

Some caches were a few hundred feet inland. All of those were easy finds that muggles probably won’t notice. I found a $20. bill on the trail to one of them.

Believe it or not, there were people doing things other than caching!

A lot of the caches were bison tubes attached to wieners! I don’t feel guilty about showing the picture because some of the cache pages specifically thank Der Weinerschnitzel for the containers.
The scenery was best at the SE end of the island. We walked for the caches there and met many friendly unleashed dogs. A lot of them were wet from swimming in the bay.

After circumnavigating the island we used the $20. (found earlier) for giant 1 lb burritos at my favorite San Diego Mexican take out. Don ended the day with 32 finds and I had 26. Where to next?


2 Responses to NOVEMBER 1, 2011 – Fiesta Island (San Diego) again

  1. christine says:

    As usual, another interesting blog post! Thanks for sharing, Ken….awesome photos. Looking forward to hiking with you this weekend….I hope I find 20$!

    • oldweeb says:

      I think that Don_J is good luck. I once found $17. in a parking lot in Valencia when I was caching with him and robb_dogg. And caching with both of them in Westlake I picked out a Japanese 10,000 yen note from a cache ($86. at the time). See you on Saturday!!

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