NOVEMBER 6, 2011 – Albertson Fire Road, Lang Ranch

Sometimes it’s hard to organize a group hike on Different work & family schedules, hiking styles and caching goals can make even securing agreement on the date & start time a drawn out process. So I set a date & time 12 days in advance and didn’t change them. Despite rain the day before and the coldest morning in months, sissopolis, Ecuadeb, deeznutz®, typograff and RocketBrewer all joined me at the Albertson Trailhead (GC1MB86) in Lang Ranch. Coordinates pointed to the white sign behind RocketBrewer. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the cache.

Immediately we saw that there was NO MUD. The previous day’s rain was completely absorbed by the parched ground and there wasn’t even a hint of water on the road. And the road was flat, just like I’d expected.

A short side hike led to a boulder with ancient Chumash acorn grinding holes.

Back on the main road we walked to some big caches. deeznutz® was especially happy to find this ammo can. Ecuadeb & sissopolis left lots of swag.

The closed portion of the road that I thought had been opened was still closed. The detour around that section led ever upward though in the right direction. After the detour we kept going up up up. I swear, it looked flat on the map.

The rain had cleaned up the air and we were rewarded with unexpected vistas. We even saw the ocean.

And Woodranch Reservoir was visible to the Northwest.

There REALLY was NO MUD.

It was a 6.7 mile round trip hike, 3 hours going in, mostly uphill and stopping for caches. Coming back downhill the same way took only 1 hour. Depending on how many of the caches each of us previously found, we ended the day with 8 to 12 caches and 2 DNFs. We skipped a multi and 2 puzzles.


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