NOVEMBER 13, 2011 – TSP: Musch Trail

I always have trouble getting motivated to leave the house to hike by myself, especially when it’s overcast. Dangerously close to going back to bed I posted a “who wants to hike?” notice on the SFV Geocachers facebook page. Within minutes EcuaDeb and Gummyfrog responded, “yes!” Ninety minutes later we were at the Trippet Ranch trailhead in Topanga State Park.

Right away we were relieved that there were no puddles and very little mud.

The air was still clear from last week’s rain. Santa Monica Bay and the Palos Verdes Peninsula were unusually clear in the distance.

In the other direction the trail overlooked the site of an ancient Chumash village.

The fire road kept going up.

We saw Eagle Rock, a destination for another day. It was only at home that I saw something strange in the picture.

Just after we turned off of the fire road onto the Musch Trail we heard voices. Looking back there were muggles trying to decide what to do. Funny. I used to own a cache at the base of the smaller sign called, Which Way Do We Go? (GC1DWH9).
Three caches later, Bart logged his 1,600th find. Congratulations!

We reached the completely vacant overnight camp site. It was a great place for a short rest. There are clean modern restrooms there too. And they were open!

With Saddle Peak in the background we hiked the last mile back to the parking lot. I ended the hike with 9 finds, Bart & Deb with 17.

Thanks for coming with me and putting up with my usual complaining about getting old and slow.


3 Responses to NOVEMBER 13, 2011 – TSP: Musch Trail

  1. Jeff Jost says:

    “Getting” old and slow? Ken, you are ALREADY old and slow. 🙂 Just kidding – thanks for the great report!

  2. Jim, the other half of chaosmanor says:

    Just remember, Ken; you will always be younger than us! Not to mention younger than Big Eagle, TOHiker and a number of other cachers. Getting older isn’t so bad; *not* getting older is the real problem 😉

  3. oldweeb says:

    It’s true that I’m immature!

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