DECEMBER 13, 2011 – TSP: Cheney Trail, Temescal Fire Road

I needed to get on the trail to work off the daily milkshakes consumed during a 10 day cold. And with heavy rain expected in 24 hours there was no time to procrastinate. I drove to the end of Cheney Road and found a great parking spot for my 6 mile roundtrip hike.

A 300’ walk up a rough dirt road brought me to Free Parking (GCTYK8). Despite the cache name, GZ is no longer reachable by car because of debris, maybe deliberately placed, on those last 300’. See the cache site:

Continuing ESE the unnamed track merged with the Cheney Trail and 6/10 of a mile from the cache I emerged onto the Topanga Fire Road.

The very familiar Eagle Rock was a few hundred feet W.

But I turned E and hiked to “The Hub” and the Temescal Fire Road.

Here’s “Cathedral Rock,” just S of “The Hub.” There’s a cache and amidst the rocks a large, clear, wind protected area where a big group can have a relaxed lunch.

There was no lunch today and I hiked S. The poles and wires look foreboding in the picture but they were barely noticed while I searched for (5) majorjarhead caches. After the first one, I knew what to expect and the rest were easy. Though they’re listed as micros, in my opinion, they’re smalls.

My last cache going S was This One’s for Jill (GC1CVR2) (a non-majorjarhead cache) 0.12 miles beyond the marker below. It was my turnaround point. There I met Pianofab who’d started his hike later and caught up.

On our way back N together, we took a short side hike to reach a cache that neither of us had found. Gus Gus (GC1EAA0).

Back at “The Hub,” we noticed a very red Toyon bush.

I know that birds, deer and coyotes eat the berries. Not me! If anyone’s tried them, let me know how they taste.

My final cache of the day was the oddly named She Came Through the Bathroom Window (GC114RR) by Chaosmanor. I ‘zeroed,’ reached down and picked up a tube with & NRA stickers on it. I opened it and signed the log. Pianofab stood 30’ away pointing to a camo’d match container hanging in a bush. I signed the log there too. The cache page seems to indicate that the 2nd container is the real cache. Anyway, a few hundred feet later we emerged at the official Cheney Trailhead.

On the 1/10 mile walk back to my car I looked up at some interesting tanks. I wondered if they’re still in use.

There were 17 caches on this hike and I found the 10 that I needed. It was much better than staying home and watching TV. It poured rain the next day and probably filled the route with impassable mud puddles.


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