DECEMBER 19, 2011 – Hummingbird Trail, Simi Valley

Earlier this month a group of 10 cachers hiked the Hummingbird Trail at the East end of Simi Valley. The 7am start time was too early so I didn’t go. Today was the first day of my extended holiday and I went to the trail to find the string of unfound caches so close to home.

There was plenty of parking at the Kuehner Drive trailhead and a cache too No Smiles (GC1ZXZV). With Jack of McCachers Simi I ascended the steep and unfamiliar trail. It was overcast and very cold. The medium range view was good.

There were red arrows painted into parts of the trail. But still, without Jack who’s familiar with the area, I would’ve had trouble staying on course. I’ve never seen Jack’s picture on a blog post so in case that’s by request…

There were lots of caves and even some pseudo petroglyphs.
There were lots of places for caches to hide. But the coordinates were perfect on all except 1.

We understand that this view has special significance for some local cachers. Someday soon we hope to learn the secret.

Light rains last week left some interesting rock pools.

There were some horizontal holes too.
I plan to cache a LOT in the next 2 weeks. More posts to follow…


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