JANUARY 13, 2012 – Daggett to Route 66 Series

I added a vacation day to the MLK holiday weekend and drove back to Barstow to cache the Planes Trains & Automobiles series. At the half way point in Rancho Cucamonga huge wind gusts pushed my high profile Honda Element all over the freeway. It became so dangerous that I pulled off and found myself with others who’d done the same. There was weak 3G coverage so I played on facebook. 15 minutes later I cautiously got back on the freeway and crawled along in the truck lane to Cajon Summit. From there onward the gusts were gone and it was a smooth ride. It was already 1:30pm at hotel check-in, too late to start the series. So instead I went East for the caches starting at Daggett.

This is on Route 66 but about 15 miles before the Western end of the mega series. The caches here were farther apart and on both sides of the road. There were few 35mm film containers. Most were Altoids tins and camo’d metal cylinders. There was even an ammo can. Many travel bugs and geocoins were logged into the caches but not a single one was actually present.

I DNF’d here. At the back end of the cemetery my arrow pointed to the other side of the fence on the left. The graves were very old but still maintained. I didn’t approach or take pictures. There was no road on the other side of the fence so I skipped the cache.

There was a string of caches on a parallel road that was lined with several different types of power plants.

Back on Route 66 my favorite cache of the day was Emigrants Pass (GC264ZA). The geotrail does NOT lead directly to the cache.

I skipped another promising cache because there were 2 twenty-something women walking toward GZ from the same direction. Nothing good could’ve resulted from me driving past and pulling over at GZ 200’ directly in front of them. But I ended up finding 7 caches attached to the end (actually the beginning) of the big series. Now my map shows no green boxes on this end! Now watch…someone will hide a cache there tomorrow.


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