JANUARY 24, 2012 – Oxnard, beach caching

As much as I like desert power trail caching sometimes I need to switch gears. Clear, cool weather before the arrival of a big storm gave me the chance to cache in Oxnard again. On the way I stopped for an easy series of 5 lamp post caches at Pleasant Valley Fields.

The last time I cached here, it was a huge dirt lot with a single oak tree. Now it’s a 3,000’ long soccer park. I was the ONLY one there. Everyone else must’ve been home watching the other football.

Next was a 10 mile drive to the coast. This seagull at Perkins End (GC339A7) seems oblivious that some kind of miniature medieval monstrosity is about to pounce.

Most of the local caches were already smilies on my map. I walked along this saltwater stream to convert a lone green box.

I almost made it, Bridge going nowhere (GC34VGD), a lot harder than it was. Reading the cache page first was a good decision.

Another drive, another mile and a $2/hour parking fee later, I looked back (South) to the old power plant that appeared in several of my old posts. I found a few more caches in the area. Note that people are living in tents among the secluded dunes. None who I saw were in direct view of any caches.

A chatty pismo clam digger told me that it was the lowest tide in months. I asked if it was safe to eat clams from an area near sewage treatment and power plants. He said that they taste fine in Manhattan clam chowder. I’ll pass.

Farther up the coast, Channel Islands Harbor has a new crop of recent caches. One of them Not almost in the water (GC363A7) is 6’ from this lamp post. Completely by chance, I saw evidence of the game that dares not speak its name.

After a North-South string of caches along an almost completely empty mile-long parking lot I ended up at a familiar jetty. The sign looks unnaturally bright red because it reflected back my camera flash.
My final count was 17 caches in 5 hours and 4 or 5 DNFs, plus a lot of “did not try” vegetation caches. The fresh air and beach walking made the day worthwhile. The caches were a bonus.


One Response to JANUARY 24, 2012 – Oxnard, beach caching

  1. Beautiful photographs. The pictures alone are enough to make me feel like I am there. Congratulations on a such an impressive haul of caches.

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