FEBRUARY 15, 2012 – I am a Geocaching Liar!

Is this post about the time I found ET Hwy #1 and #1,500 then logged the other 1,498 too?  NO!  It’s about my OTHER geocaching lies.

More often than not, urban caching entails working around muggles.  Depending on the situation and your patience level you can wait for them to go away, go away yourself and come back later or start searching anyway.  You can search by stealth and hope that the muggle(s) don’t notice or try to mislead them by acting like you’re doing something different and less suspicious.  I’ve done all of these but on rare occasions my evil inner dweeb broke out and I told blatant lies to get rid of muggles.  The most memorable:

  1. At an otherwise vacant South Bay park, an incredibly persistent muggle sat next to a vending machine cache.  On my 3rd stop at GZ, I shouted, “watch out, a rat!” Then I told the bewildered muggle that a huge rat ran behind him into the back of the machine.  He jumped up, terrified, and moved far away out of view.  But I don’t remember if I found the cache.
  2. At another South Bay park, off trail in a pine forest, I searched a long time.  Muggles crunched through the leaves and got closer and closer.   Then I was surprised to hear female voices speaking Japanese.   Just as I found a superbly constructed cache container on the ground the muggles arrived.  Without thinking I jumped up from behind a tree and shouted “doku hebi da!” (it’s a poison snake!)  They ran screaming and I had the area to myself.

These events were in the early days of my caching career.  Now it doesn’t matter that much if I have to skip a cache.  So I tell fewer ridiculous lies.

Entertain us all.  Please write a comment with the biggest lie you’ve ever told to get rid of muggles.


5 Responses to FEBRUARY 15, 2012 – I am a Geocaching Liar!

  1. geocass says:

    Haha! I love your excuses, mine can’t measure up at all. I’ve been “Taking readings from the tree with my scanner (GPS)” or “Looking for a good stick for my dog”. However, drsolly, the UK’s #1 cacher, has the most brilliant excuse that he was counting slugs! I think you’ll enjoy reading the log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=feb5f461-769b-44b0-bea7-dc895d72b02c

  2. Elin Carlson says:

    I can’t take credit for this, but the best tall tale to a muggle I’ve heard was told by AgouraCharger. He and I were searching a railing overlooking a big drainage ditch when a guy on a bicycle rode up and asked what we were doing. Without missing a beat, Gordon said, “Counting fish. Wanna help?” We were immediately alone again.

  3. Bruce Warren says:

    I have inferred that I was investigating a traffic accident and looking for bits and pieces of evidence. … When I noticed a patrol car had stopped and was watching me, I confidently walked over and asked the security officer if he had taken a report on an accident at the intersection. He even radioed back to “base” to try to find out who had. When he came up empty, he left, but not before he told me that someone else may have disturbed the area as there was a tupperware container hidden by the tree that people would look for.

  4. Julie Husting says:

    My biggest lie was when I was behind Target in kind of a ditch area. I had the cache in hand (tupperware), my grabber and a pen. The manager asked me what I was doing. I told him I was a bug collector and that there were some interesting ones back there. He bought it and left. Anybody that knows me, knows that is a HUGE lie because I am terrified of bugs!

  5. Good ones. My biggest lie was back in September of last year while searching for Sylmar Epicenter (http://coord.info/GC33D1T) at 6:00am. It was still dark and I was approached by a security guard. I was caught by surprise with his presence and I told him I was looking for my wedding band I had lost the previous day when I hiked the area. He gave me a weird look and said: “Make it quick”.

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