MAY 5, 2012 – Ormond Beach (Oxnard)

General stress, low energy levels and a cancelled April vacation have slowed me down but I’m still caching at a reduced level.

This weekend I wanted a small, uncomplicated (no synchronizing previous find lists and no timing gymnastics to accommodate incompatible schedules) hike. Coincidentally sissopolis and EcuaDeb were looking for a low key morning hike as well. Ormond Beach in Oxnard was our quick choice destination. It’s a favorite “go to” for me. And Siss & Deb had never cache hiked at the beach.

We had a quick talk with Walter, the official birdman of Ventura County, waved goodbye and headed down the trail.

A few hundred feet farther in, it was much more colorful than during my last trip here in January.

These 3 foot high Dr. Seuss-looking plants are always amusing.

We saw large shapes moving in the murky trailside canal. When they jumped out of the water in unison we saw that they were 1-½ foot long carp! I didn’t know that they can live in brackish (partial saltly) water. Siss took a video that I hope she’ll post.

Just beyond Ormond Beach Cache #4 (GCXA7R) we emerged into the dunes.

The seaward view could’ve been the same as 10,000 years ago. There was no sign of human activity.

But looking inland there was the power plant. Ormond Beach Cache #6 (GCXC2D) is at the end of this fence.

We turned toward the water and a few more caches.

We saw bird skeletons. This one was the cleanest of them all.

After Ormand Beach? (GC3JXCD), an unexpected co-FTF, we turned around and headed back along the water.

At the last hiking cache Ormond Beach #11 (GC3JCXB) we rested and enjoyed the sun and the sound of the breakers. Deb found objects to poke with a stick.

There were no more caches on the trail back to parking but we kept alert for odd objects in the sand.

Before the hike, we knew that there were new caches on the trail. But we were surprised to end up as (co)FTF on 5 of them!

At this point Deb had to rush home. So Siss & me drove along the surrounding fields and found (6) for me and (8) for Siss caches. After that we chose a random restaurant Pho Saigon. I’ve only had Vietnamese food a few times and don’t know the cuisine. I got lucky with a beef & rice dish and Siss enjoyed her seafood medley noodles. The super friendly and helpful staff even gave us a complimentary (and delicious) dessert! There will definitely be a return visit.

Curio: Why does Siss appear with different clothes? Are the pictures pieced together from different hikes? No! It’s layering; adding/subtracting layered tops to suit the changing temperature & wind conditions.


6 Responses to MAY 5, 2012 – Ormond Beach (Oxnard)

  1. Jeff Jost says:

    Looks like a beautiful day you there! Nice report. Thanks Ken!

  2. Kropper says:

    I loved hiking and caching along Ormond Beach, only occasionally attacked by sea birds

  3. coakford says:

    Nice report of a nice hike. I know where I need to go now. Thanks, Ken.

  4. chaosmanor says:

    What’s kind of funny about this is that I was out that way last month, picking up a couple of caches that had been hidden after our last hike out there, replacing one of MaxGold’s old ones, and marking a few waypoints for possible new caches. Then within a week or so, all those new Tres.Amigos caches popped up! Now we have another reason to go out there 🙂 Amazing how fast mustard can grow, isn’t it?

  5. Deb says:

    Geocaching at its best … taking me to places I never would have thought to visit if I didn’t have a reason. Perfect hike for a gorgeous weekend with good peeps. Ken, thanks for writing it up with fun photos to document the day.

  6. Thanks, Ken! Great hike and great blog! I loved that Jelly Drink at the end of the day!

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