MAY 27, 2012 – Wistful Vista Open Space, (Oak Park)

I finally took a short vacation but stayed near home. Between errands and home maintenance I squeezed in some hikes. One was to Wistful Vista, an open area in Oak Park, above and surrounded on all sides by suburbia.
When recruiting others to go geohiking, my signature phrase is, “it’s mostly flat.” And whether or not I’d previously been to the location, and regardless of map evidence, in my mind it really is mostly flat. Arrival at the trailhead often reveals an enormous hill. Sure enough, a minute away from my car the first hill appeared which shouldn’t have been a surprise since I’d been here only a month earlier.

A good thing about solo hiking is being able to hike uphill verrry slowly without worrying that others are becoming impatient. I eventually reached the summit and a wide trail.

I turned left (South) up another hill toward Agoura Hills Overlook (GC12PX2). My geofriends know that I go to great lengths to avoid puzzle caches. For most/many puzzles I don’t even know the question let alone the answer. But after 7-1/2 years of caching I wanted to have a “?” icon in my “geocaches owned” column. So I hid I Hate Puzzle Caches Puzzle Cache (GC3KFDT) along this section of the trail. Then I turned around and went up the next hill.

This is the view looking North.

Then I turned left (West) and went up hills 4 and 5, finding caches along the way. I also checked on 2 caches that I hid in April:
After turning South it was an easy hike up hill 6.

This was the view West.

Finally there was hill 7. After 6 previous hills, this one felt much steeper than it looks in the picture.

While searching for The Top of the Cable Tower Hill (GCM9TJ) directly in front of these antennas I imagined myself being bombarded by microwave radiation and psychosomatically generated an intense headache. It quickly disappeared after I’d found the cache and was safely back behind the antennas.

The view South was across the 101 to Ladyface Mountain. No matter how many times it’s explained to me, I still don’t see any faces.

The descent back to parking was on a paved utility road.
I frequently do things backwards so my final cache found was, A Good Start (GC3KB35) by EcuaDeb near the bottom. Though my car was close by I ended up walking over a mile through residential streets to reach it.

There are currently 18 caches on the hike described above and multiple trailheads. Have fun!!


3 Responses to MAY 27, 2012 – Wistful Vista Open Space, (Oak Park)

  1. dshadovi says:

    I hiked this area today. Steep!

  2. Tanya/TiggerRD says:

    Enjoyed reading this post! I don’t see a lady face either. With all of these hills, this looks like a hike to save for when the weather is cooler. And of course, it will probably still take me and the kids a bit of time to figure out the puzzle to find your cache. We appreciate the assistance you gave in your reaponse to our initial query and will apply ourselves to discovering the solution. Thank you!

  3. TiggerRD/Tanya says:

    “Whoohoo! Yipee! uh-huh, uh-huh! w00t! Yeah, baby!”

    That was the message when I plugged my answer into the geochecker this morning. THANK YOU for the additional instructions. I can’t wait for the kiddos to wake up this am and figure this out themselves…they will be thrilled to have been persistent and overjoyed that the cache owner was willing to give extra clues to guide us towards the solution.

    Don’t worry we won’t be charging up the hills anytime soon to look for this–the joy right now has been in discovering the solution! (This may be the only puzzle we actually do while geocaching–we’re not so fond of them either.) We’ll be waiting for the temperatures to cool down before hitting the hills on this “mostly flat” trail.

    Thanks again!!

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