JULY 14, 2012 – Sunset Park (Las Vegas, NV)

For the 2nd year in a row I tagged along on my dad’s annual post holiday senior bus trip to Las Vegas. While the seniors did what normal people do in Las Vegas, I again went inferno caching. This time I made SURE to get to Sunset Park. It’s diagonally across from the SE corner of McCarran International Airport. Last year I just couldn’t reach the park on foot from Downtown. So I got smart this year, waited until late afternoon and took a cab to the N end.

There was a winding paved path through much of the park.

But nearly all of the caches were off trail.

There were lots of big ones including some ammo cans. It was so hot that rattlesnakes weren’t an issue. The hike was mostly flat with a few small sand dunes to keep the scenery interesting.

Continuing S I stepped out of the desert, crossed railroad tracks and walked into a developed part of the park. There was a dog park cache (GC3A46M) 0.1 miles ahead. As I sat and signed the log 2 loose pit bulls rushed at me snarling & barking. By the time their frantic owner came to grab their leashes 2 minutes later I was playing with them.

Back in the desert part of the park I found more off trail caches. The sun was very low on the horizon and the temperature dropped below 100 degrees.

I rushed to find as many caches as possible before the park’s namesake sunset.

I found 10, DNF’d 2, skipped one (under a bridge) and didn’t reach one. After hiking 4 miles in the park I called the cab back. It picked me up at 8:10pm, at the park sign.

I’ll go back to the park when I’m in town with a car. By then I hope that the fenced off middle section, including the lake, will be open.

All pictures in this post were taken with my phone camera.


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