JULY 25, 2012 – Leo Carrillo (loop)

Continuing heat in the SFV keeps our caching hikes close to the coast. A larger than average contingent gathered at the Leo Carrillo Kiosk (GCY0FF) for a 14 cache counter clockwise loop. (L-R Don_J, Foocachers [jr/sr], Albackore2, Albackore, sissopolis & BWidget). Note that parking is $12./car in the State Park lot but free along PCH.

The trail started uphill right away and stayed that way. After a minute, no one was cold. The view was good too.

Hiking inland the group found caches that I’d logged more than 5 years ago. I was glad that everyone wanted to cross a cacheless gap to reach Leo’s Lunch Spot (GCWXBA). I’d skipped it in 2007. We found that there were plenty of big flat rocks to sit on. It would’ve been a great lunch spot. But it wasn’t even 10am yet.

We didn’t want to finish too early. So we went another 0.1 miles up the ridgeline where Foo (sr) hid a new cache. Then we backtracked until the turnoff to the downhill part of the loop. Even though I’d found all of the remaining caches except 1, I couldn’t remember where they were hidden. I was useless as an in person lifeline.

Here’s the view toward parking from the bottom of the loop.

After the hike 62.5% of us went a few miles S on PCH to Malibu Seafood. This was the view from our patio dining table.

I had fish & chips. I think that everyone else ordered scallops & chips. Pescatarians, all!!

More hikes to follow.


One Response to JULY 25, 2012 – Leo Carrillo (loop)

  1. geocass says:

    Mmmm, scallops and chips. Now that sounds very good! 🙂 A worthy hiking reward!

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