JULY 28, 2012 – Backbone Trail (BBT) East

BWidget, Albackore and I wanted to find caches on the E end of the BBT that were hidden after our last hike there in 2009. EcuaDeb needed ALL of the caches for the (GC1C4Y4) Spinal Tap challenge and Foocachers wanted to hike anywhere, caches or not. Of course we ended up going on the rare day where it DIDN’T GET COOLER hiking toward the ocean.

EcuaDeb drove us, minus the Foos, to a little known, hard to find trailhead at Free Parking (GCTYK8). We learned by phone that the Foos had themselves dropped off at the wrong trailhead 1.7 miles away. So we started up the Cheney Trail intending to meet them later. Here Deb unloads her gear.

At the intersection of the Cheney Trail and the fire road, Deb hid a cache. We waited there for 1.75 hours until the Foos finally arrived!! Passing hikers and mountain bikers looked at us strangely for standing around aimlessly, squandering prime hiking time. Someone even asked us if we needed help.

I was so zoned out that I don’t remember how the Foos made their appearance; only that Foo Sr tried to explain that the 1.7 extra miles were really 3.4 by winding trail. Giving the Foos no chance to rest, we all hiked to The Hub. Note the new outhouse under construction. It’s dead center in the picture.

After a few minutes the steady stream of chastisement directed at Foo Sr died down. Here, he and Deb log an old cache.

Wildlife is rarely seen during our (noisey) group hikes. But this guy was in no condition to hide from us.

We passed a temporary camp for state park workers. Their equipment was seen along the trail for the next ½ mile. Thanks for all the trail maintenance!

We preemptively hid new caches wherever we noticed a 0.2 mile gap between caches. Even then we missed 2 gaps and someone else put caches in them a few days later. So those of us ranked in the BBT cache finders list on the Spinal Tap page will have to go back to find them. Anyway, a 6’ high cactus was very conspicuous. Thankfully, no cache is hidden there.

By the time we approached the bridge (mile 8), I’d fallen behind as usual with my bad knee. Stepping on a wobbly rock made things worse. I caught up to the group as they enjoyed a few seconds of rare breeze from the middle.

We exited the official eastern end of the Backbone Trail.

It was another ½ mile to the parking lot where Foo’s dad (Cameron Sr) collected us, gave us drinks and drove us back to Deb’s SUV. Thanks!! I achieved my goal of “catching up to the Conejos,” by breaking into the top 10 on the Spinal Tap page.


2 Responses to JULY 28, 2012 – Backbone Trail (BBT) East

  1. Jeff Jost says:

    Hey Ken, thanks for the play-by-play!

  2. Don_J says:

    Wish I could have been there. It would have been a good test of my new patient outlook on life.

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