AUGUST 6, 2012 – Puerco Mesa

EcuaDeb & sissopolis asked for hike suggestions. After a huge exchange of e-mails 7 of us ended up in the parking lot at the N end of Corral Canyon Rd where it meets the Backbone Trail.

I waited in the lot with Albackore while EcuaDeb, sissopolis, BWidget and both Foocachers went W to find 3 traditional caches (we’d already found), a puzzle cache and an earthcache. Here they are a ½ mile away.

When the group returned we all went E on the BBT toward No Swimming (GCW5MH).

We passed a strange triple pointed outcropping. I wonder whether it erupted violently or if it stayed in place while the ground around it wore away over the millennia.

Here’s sissopolis at Eagle’s Eye (GC1KTVE). I was with LAEd in 2009 when he hid this cache.

My signature phrase, “It’s mostly flat,” was true, at least in the beginning.

Albackore, BWidget & I had already found all except 2 of the BBT caches so some of our time was spent waiting while the rest of the group searched for the other caches.

Then the Foos had to turn back when Foo Jr aggravated an old ankle injury. Feel better soon, Cameron!

The timing was right because the next section of the trail was definitely NOT flat. Note the rock on top that looks like a giant lizard.
At Mesa-Puerco Cache (GCM75F) we left the BBT and turned S toward the ocean. That’s Albackore scouting ahead.

After an initial uphill and a side hike, the trail was all downhill with caches every 1/10 of a mile.

Near the bottom we passed an uncompleted house. It looked like construction stopped years ago.

The final stretch of the trail was a wide winding unpaved road. It was a relief to finally reach our cars at the red arrow.

Depending on how many caches we’d already found on previous hikes, today each of us logged between 20 and 40 caches and hiked between 7.5 and 11 miles.


2 Responses to AUGUST 6, 2012 – Puerco Mesa

  1. geocass says:

    That looks like a great hike. I love the Eagle’s Eye rock and the lizard on the top of the hill, I wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out, but now you have I can’t stop seeing it! Lol!

  2. Craig says:

    Sounds and looks like a great hike. I need to get out on the trail again.

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