OCTOBER 22, 2012 – Moss Landing

On my previous caching vacations to the Monterey area I wondered about the 2 gigantic exhaust stacks visible far off to the North. This time the gc.com map showed a cluster of 20+ caches in a backward “C” pattern, exactly where I estimated the stacks to be. And there was a string of isolated state beaches beyond, each with some caches. I started the day at Sunset State Beach and found my first Santa Cruz County caches there. There was no one in the day use section. The parking fee was $10. and the ranger explained that it was good all day at all state beaches. That fit perfectly with my plan to stop at each beach going South to Moss Landing.

The views at this beach were some of the best of the day. This is from GZ at Sunset View II (GC3AKFB).

I was there, really!

Mid October really is a good time to visit. Great weather and NO PEOPLE.

A drive through (mostly) strawberry fields led to a beach with an unusual name.

The vacant looking house directly East of the parking area intrigued. Too bad that no caches were listed there.

Looking West, Clumsy Pelican (GC2KV34) was at the top of this dune, 35’ outside of a roped off protected area.

The name sake pelicans flew overhead by the dozens as I signed the log. I was relieved that none of them dropped a bomb on me.

Another drive through more fields, and by an I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y smelly dung farm (a bulldozer was moving a fresh 15’ high mound) got me to Moss Landing. There’s a big cache just across from this sign.

On the way to the next cache I saw a sea otter floating on his back and chomping on a small crab. I stood only 10’ away but he ignored me.

Three caches later, at No Golden Retrievers Allowed…Apparently (GC23M1A) I saw 25+ sea otters floating together. Most of them faced the same direction and many of them were eating. The only noises they made were faint growls and food crunching.

I finally got to see the exhaust stacks up close. I drove right by them to reach the caches on the South end of the cluster.

Muggles won’t notice you at Betty’s 80th (GC20X6B) because they’ll be looking at the hundreds of sea lions on the dock next to GZ. Unlike sea otters, sea lions are very very loud. Their barking was deafening. Check the satellite map for the cache. The sea lions are clearly visible.

A little farther South and…Oh oh…no fishing licenses…

I walked past the hapless fishermen to Springfield (GC23JE1). It was an easy find. This wreck is 100’ away.

I ended the day with 28 finds and far too many DNFs. I sat on a dune to rest my sore knees and watched the surf before returning to my hotel.


6 Responses to OCTOBER 22, 2012 – Moss Landing

  1. Jim Carleton says:

    Great photos of the sea otters, especially that close-up 😀 I would agree, Ken: you picked just about the perfect time to visit that area, although late April/early May can also be very nice. Thanks for taking us along!

    • oldweeb says:

      You’re welcome, Jim. I’ve been there 5 times this century, each time for 5 days in mid-October. In those 25 days it rained (heavily) 1 full day.

  2. Such fun, Ken! I always enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your adventures! I’ll have to get back up to Monterey again! TFTB (Thanks for the blog!)

  3. Craig says:

    Thanks for the trip review. I enjoyed your photos. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Jackcheese and Motlah aka Jeff and Carme says:

    Great Pictures, Thanks for sharing.!

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