OCTOBER 24, 2012 – Pacific Grove, Alisomar State Beach

I’m OK with $45./night motels when caching in Barstow. In Monterey my standards are higher. For almost 4x the amount the rooms are 2x as good.

A breakfast buffet was included in the room price so I took advantage every morning before starting my cache run. BACON!!

The cache in front of the hotel was found 3 trips ago. I walked 2 blocks to the nearest unfound one, Jabberwocky (GC2DWXA) which has 57 “favorite” points. It was an otherwise ordinary cache in a highly unusual area. It’s visible ‘somewhere’ in the picture.

Back to the hotel & 2 blocks West is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is a picture from the free part of the aquarium grounds, at GZ of Fish are Friends not Food (GC3P519). I DNF’d it but someone else found it the next day.

The City of Pacific Grove begins at the North end of the Aquarium. It’s counter intuitive for Southern Californians, but North here is LEFT while facing the ocean. Honest! Look at a map. Aptly named Ocean View Boulevard begins here.

There are pullout viewpoints, mostly unpaved, every few hundred feet. Most of them have a cache. One seemed to be hidden on the edge of the 2’ thick mat of decaying seaweed at the bottom of the picture. It was another DNF.

Yet ANOTHER DNF. It always seems to be high tide when I’m in the area.

I was called an “old timer,” by a young muggle who warned me (from afar) to be careful as I climbed on the rocks for a cache. I’d already cache/hiked for several days straight so I was moving more stiffly than usual. And it’s hard to balance a GPSr, camera and walking stick too. From a distance I probably did look geriatric. Somewhere nearby, the beach and road turned so that LEFT became South again.

Even with the perfect weather, there were very very few people. It’s hard to imagine. The locals must be used to and bored by the scenery.

I stopped near the Alisomar Conference Grounds. The famous 17 Mile Drive was just ahead but I turned inland at the point below and found some easier-on-the-legs caches before going back to the hotel for the final time.


One Response to OCTOBER 24, 2012 – Pacific Grove, Alisomar State Beach

  1. Beautiful photos, Old Timer!!!

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