OCTOBER 26, 2012 – Monterey (misc last words – until the next trip)

On my trips to Monterey I pass by Mclintock’s (GCZ26A), a giant wooden cowboy statue on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant. On previous trips there was always something happening at GZ that stopped me from looking for the cache. This time the coast was clear except for a huge mixed group of monarch & viceroy butterflies at the base of the statue.

Free parking is in short supply around Cannery Row. A great feature of my hotel was underground parking, included.

Two blocks away I had to wonder. Was the candy store established before or after the public restrooms?

In town Lake Estero starts 1 block inland from the beach. There ARE caches here.

This stump in Jack’s Peak Park looked like a monstrous head, in the picture not so much.

To get to Moss Landing I drove through Castroville and passed by the famous virtual cache The World’s Largest Artichoke (GCHK3T).

There were 2 of these 12’ high 100 year old concrete artifacts on the road to Palm Beach State Beach. If anyone knows what they are, please leave a comment.
As explained in a previous post, dozens and dozens of pelicans flew overhead at Zmudowski State Beach.

Here’s a better look at the (power plant?) and exhaust stacks at Moss Landing.

Returning from a cache I almost tried to get into the wrong Prius.

Back on the peninsula I couldn’t get enough of the shoreline scenery.

There were even some caches left to find.

I’ll probably go back in a few years after enough new caches are placed to make it worthwhile.

Thanks for hanging out with me.


3 Responses to OCTOBER 26, 2012 – Monterey (misc last words – until the next trip)

  1. Beautiful photographs. One of the reasons I keep coming back.

  2. Elin Carlson says:

    ditto professor benson – love the Prius twins…. did you see the INSIDE of the artichoke? ha

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