NOVEMBER 18, 2012 – Liberty Canyon / Talepop, Calabasas

After months of crazed, overheated BBT caching, another low intensity, nearby hike was in order. We started walking from the South end of Liberty Canyon Road onto the trail. The beginning was paved.

Clear skies and a cold morning seemed to indicate a cool day ahead .

We took a short side hike to Phantoms (GC1DXB6). If I’d remembered from 2008 that it’s a Don_J cache I could’ve told the group where NOT to search. EcuaDeb found it quickly anyway while I looked on with Foocachers/Jr.

There wasn’t much shade and the temperature unexpectedly reached into the mid 80’s. At least the hike was mostly flat.

Sissopolis pointed out an enormous foot & a half wide Maitake mushroom growing on a stump.

I was glad to show my friends the gigantic oak tree at Roble Grandisimo (GC217H4). It would take appx 6 horizontal EcuaDebs to circle the trunk. (2 Π EcuaDeb) = 6.283 EcuaDebs circumference.

When I found the cache a year ago there were lots of paper strips with wishes on them tied to the lower branches. This time there were only a few of those. A handmade wreath and an odd looking ceramic piece were prominent though. The cache ended up being MIA so we replaced it and notified the owner.

On the 2nd southward leg of our counterclockwise paper clip shaped hike there was some elevation. We stopped at my Calabazilla Calabasas Viewpoint (GC17MKD). The namesake Calabazilla

And the view…

The trail was well maintained throughout and given the season, I was surprised that I didn’t have to pick foxtails from my socks. We ended the 6-1/2 mile hike with 4 to 19 finds, depending. Plus I logged 4 betas hidden by Foocachers/Sr and 2 by EcuaDeb.

Lunch was at Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Company.


2 Responses to NOVEMBER 18, 2012 – Liberty Canyon / Talepop, Calabasas

  1. Your comment about using Deb as a measuring device cracked me up! That was a great hike! I missed hiking with you this weekend! We’ll have to hit the trails in 2 weeks, ok?

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