DECEMBER 18, 2012 – RV Series geoart, Barstow

After the Route 66 Shield adventure I stayed another night in Barstow to get an early start on the new “RV” series, just South of the Planes Trains & Automobiles. The usual early morning noise in the motel parking lot got me checked out and on the road by 8am. Going East on Hwy 58 I passed a sign. Somehow it just looked right for the area. No, I didn’t stop.
To reach the RV series, I drove through the previously logged PTAs on the familiar, arrow straight Open Route 4800. I didn’t see anyone else the entire time on the road.
Eight miles later and a turn South brought me to the Northwest corner of the RVs. Notice that the ground is redder and, here, more compacted than in most of the PTAs. These conditions and the wide road remained the same on the geoart outline. Some very considerate dirt bikers slowed down when they saw me walking from a cache. Thanks for keeping the dust down.
There was a wide variety of micros and a few smalls. One of the caches was beyond a rodent colony. Here’s evidence that the ‘ground hogs’ made things hard for prior finders. I’d learned my lesson the day before so I knew where NOT to step.
Another area was strangely bare. Maybe the surface was a concrete foundation from some long ago house and not dried out mud.
Geofriend Retrofit told me in advance that the windshield section was almost undrivable. He barely made it through in his Suburban. I didn’t want to risk it in my Element. I was out of time anyway. I’m going back to hike to the rest of the series.
On the way home, just down Hwy 395 I stopped at a fun cache WIN-WIN Situation (GC427HB). It was a totally isolated easy find. There were 2 more easy caches down the hwy and I ended the ½ day with 68 finds.
I’m having knee repair surgery this week. Unless the recovery is miraculously fast my next post will be in January. Until then, Happy ChrismaHanuKwanzavus.


2 Responses to DECEMBER 18, 2012 – RV Series geoart, Barstow

  1. Jackcheese and Motlah aka Jeff and Carme says:

    Heal well!!

  2. oldweeb says:

    Thanks! I’ll probably go stir crazy and end up hopping down the sidewalk on 1 leg to look for urban caches.

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