JANUARY 24, 2013 – more RVs and a stop in Boron

Last month I found 48 of the 100 caches in the RV Series and ran out of time. On MLK day I went back with Don_J to find the rest. But just before arriving we stopped at a new cache that “not tom” (Jerry) named after me and hid the day before. Thanks Jerry!!
A quick crossing of Hwy 395 led to the RV Series. I needed the caches in the windshield section. Retrofit (Greg) warned earlier that they were barely reachable in his mega 4WD. So my plan was to hike. I parked at a likely starting point. Don_J first walked 200’ down the ‘road’ and found a cache I’d logged last month.
The temperature never reached 70 degrees and the hike was completely flat. The only breaks in the scenery were occasional Joshua trees, some living and some dead.
Deadwood worked well as cache covers.
Here’s a cache inside a stump.
This orange-turned-black traffic cone covered another one.
All 28 caches in the windshield were found. That left 24 more in the back section for another trip. We then drove N for a few non-series finds. Below, Don walks back after logging another one that I found last month.
Instead of returning home on the 15, we drove N and then W across the desert. Don took me to a virtual cache, Quick Trip Off 58 (GC5E6A) in Boron. Answering the 5 questions to claim credit was easy. One of the answers is the park’s name – which I’ve scrambled in the picture.
The last cache of the day was Don’s Confluence N 35° x W 118° (Redux). He performed container maintenance as I stared at all the onscreen zeroes. Note the official reflector-marker at the exact confluence.
I’m going back soon for the last 24 RV caches and the nearby Space Shuttle Series.


2 Responses to JANUARY 24, 2013 – more RVs and a stop in Boron

  1. Love the zeros!!!! Super cool! And the photo with the moon in it was pretty awesome too.

  2. Don_J says:

    Again Ken, Thanks!

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