FEBRUARY 12, 2013 – Gopher Caching, part 1, Hollywood

Busy schedules and uncertain weather stopped a planned weekend of group caching at the Route 66 Shield geoart. Instead, Plan B, a 1 day ‘gopher caching’ trip on the subway was implemented. Seven of us (sissopolis, EcuaDeb, BWidget + Dixie, capdude + capsbug & me) met at the MTA Orange Line Park & Ride lot at Victory & Winnetka. Prepared with ticket machine instructions from Don_J (who couldn’t join us) we had no problems buying TAP cards and day passes. The ½ hour express bus ride to the Red Line subway station on Lankershim in North Hollywood was uneventful. With a surprisingly big crowd for 8:30 am Sunday, we crossed the street to the subway entrance,
and met deeznutz® who’d arrived from the opposite direction. We descended into the subway and onto the Red Line.
Nine minutes later we reached the Hollywood and Highland station and emerged like gophers onto the street.
Capsbug looked inside the famous diner on our 1 block walk to a virtual cache at the big sign.
A DWP power distribution station, built in 1933, was only 200’ away. There was a micro cache, Station 10 (GC3C1N2) directly in front of it.
We walked back toward the station and the TCL Chinese Theater (new name as of Jan 2013) where there was a physical cache and a puzzle cache.
Drizzle didn’t bother us. We blended in well with all the muggles who walked around with cameras and smartphones, searching the concrete for their favorite stars’ signatures, hand & foot impressions. Thanks sissopolis for distributing the puzzle questions, compiling the answers and calculating the final coordinates.
Back underground and then out again at the Vermont & Sunset Station, we walked North on Vermont. We gawked at oddities in store windows and street art. There were dozens of keys and locks embedded in the sidewalk in front of a former locksmith shop.
At Lock Ness Fenster (GC2DNDN) we searched for 20 minutes.
I think we touched every single lock, and STILL DNF’d!
Across the street we hiked up the steps of Olive Hill to the top of Barnsdall Art Park. The view North was especially scenic.
Here’s what we saw.
Where are (“D”) deeznutz® and Dixle? D is in several pictures in Part 2. Somehow Dixie managed to avoid my camera entirely.

…to be continued in part 2…


2 Responses to FEBRUARY 12, 2013 – Gopher Caching, part 1, Hollywood

  1. BWidget says:

    You captured the back side of Dixie a couple times, she is in the red jacket.

  2. Love it! Can’t wait for part 2!!!!!

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