FEBRUARY 14, 2013 – Gopher Caching, part 2, Los Angeles

EcuaDeb found our last cache in Hollywood, on an art deco lamp post. There was no log so we put a new one inside.
By this time it was afternoon and everyone wanted to eat. We skipped our planned stop at the Pershing Square Station and continued to the Civic Center Station. This was nearby.
We also found Court of Flags – Civic Mall (GC1JVKM) a few steps away. We backtracked to 2nd Street and walked to Little Tokyo. Those who needed it logged virtual cache Challenger Shuttle Memorial (GCBFEC).
We walked another block to Japanese Village Plaza and had lunch at the first place that had colorful menus in their window. Unfortunately for me it was the worst Japanese food that I’ve had in a restaurant. The rice was hard from insufficient water while boiling and the chicken was over cooked. I didn’t hear anyone raving about their food. D checked Yelp and found 2-1/2 stars, in an area full of 3.5, 4, and 4.5 star restaurants. Oh well, we’ll know for next time.

Another block East and we were in the Arts District. We were immediately drawn to the murals. They change all the time. Most had been painted since my last cache maintenance trip to the area. D had his picture taken in front of a big one for his Facebook page.
This unrefined mural (or was it advanced tagging?) had a message that amused and made me wonder. Sissopolis also seemed especially intrigued by it.
Beer drinkers among us couldn’t resist stopping at Angel City Brewery. I’m often nearby but it’s a place that I would never have visited on my own. While some imbibed I looked closely at the impressive industrial décor.
This was on the wall. Whatever it is, it seemed to be functioning.
The last find in the area was my City in Transition #3 (GC1CD17). Yes, it’s another dodo cache.
On weekdays 1st Street is packed. On Sunday, it was near-deserted, shabby and post-apocalyptic looking, like a scene from The Omega Man.
A 2 minute ride on the Gold Line from across the street brought us to Union Station. The cache in the station’s garden was found quickly.
We got back on the Red Line and made a short stop at Pershing Square Station that we’d skipped before lunch. We replaced and logged a missing cache within sight of the Ambassador Hotel and found another hidden by our SFV geofriend CacheKidz!.
We boarded the Red Line for the final time and the trip back to North Hollywood.
Doing our morning trip in reverse we got onto the jam packed Orange Line bus. We had the misfortune to be next to the chatty driver who explained in great detail about job openings at the MTA. She didn’t talk to anyone in particular. Just when eye rolling and smirking were becoming tiring, she switched subjects and asked if anyone knew about whale watching. She repeated her question to each group of boarding passengers. As far as I know, not one person responded. So ended our 9 hour gopher caching trip. Thanks to capdude for coining the term.


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