MARCH 13, 2013 – Sissopolis’ Snow Day

To celebrate sissopolis’ birthday, Foocachers (Sr) planned a “forest hike,” something that siss always likes. He reassuringly said to those worried about the weather, “there might be a LITTLE white on the ground.” As we wound or way up Route 2 and approached Mt. Waterman it was obvious that Foo was wrong!
031013_parkingI waited with deeznutz®, BWidget & Albackore at N 34° 21.087, W 117° 56.055, elevation 6,995’ as our car shuttle was set up. It was 34°F and windy.
The very beginning of the hike was mostly flat, a good thing because at age 52 it was my first time in snow. Everyone else had prior experience from ski trips and or living in snow country. I never slipped or fell but I expended more energy than the others by walking inefficiently.
The temperature warmed up into the 50’s. Gloves came off and made pushing GPS buttons and picture taking easier.
031013_siss_DA few of the caches required stomping off trail. But the snow was always under a foot deep.
EcuaDeb & siss recently read a female hiker’s travelogue about the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). So they were excited to see a PCT sign.
Searching for caches in the snow was a completely new experience. I think that only scuba caches are harder.
The downhill half of the hike ended with a stream crossing. No one fell (or was pushed) in.
Surprisingly no snowball fights broke out. Only a few were thrown. I threw my first one ever and even hit the target tree trunk!
We stopped for lunch at a trail junction and then hiked uphill to the 2nd car. (Albackore, Foocachers Sr / Jr)
A few sections of the uphill were narrow single tracks.
The scenery was especially good.
Near the end we walked through an empty campground.
As usual on uphill hikes I was the last to finish. Deb was waiting with her famous brownies.
031013_endThanks Foo for picking the location and Deb for driving. And happy early birthday, siss!!


2 Responses to MARCH 13, 2013 – Sissopolis’ Snow Day

  1. Great blog, as usual, Ken! I love reliving these hikes through your blogs.

  2. albackore says:

    Thanks for posting the story and pics Ken. Always entertaining!

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