MARCH 29, 2013 – Back to Barstow

I took advantage of cool clear weather and a rare free 2 day weekend to go back to Barstow. After an early morning start from the motel I drove through downtown. Beware! In the 4 miles to Hwy 58 there are 5 different speed limits, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 55 mph.
032313_01_downtown - Copy
After leaving the hwy I was soon on my favorite “Open Route,” # 4800.
032413_element - Copy
A few miles later, on a random side look I saw this rock arrangement. There’s a Planes Trains & Automobile cache behind the bush. It must’ve been someone’s 800th find.
032413_800 - Copy
I didn’t plan on caching the Peace Sign series on this trip. But I couldn’t resist making a turn onto Road to Peace (GC45C5D) and ended up finding 19 peace sign caches along the western edge of the geoart. (see map at bottom) Instead of the 35mm film containers of the neighboring Planes Trains & Automobiles, the containers were soda bottle blanks. They look exactly like test tubes with a screw on cap. The caps were painted brown or green making these caches very hard to spot. And they were all in thorny bushes. Hand scratches are annoying but an eye poke will ruin your caching day. I recommend eye protection. My sunglasses saved me a few times.
032413_peacetube - Copy
When the road turned away from the “hand” I decided to go for my original target, the inside/back of the RV series. I hiked all 24 remaining caches there. Most of them were film containers but one was an Albackore-designed mini decon. Like the other ones I found over the last year, it was holding up exceptionally well.
032413_decon - Copy
I hiked past a huge burrow. Whoever lives in there might’ve been big enough to be dangerous. So I moved fast to the next cache.
032413_hole - Copy
The BIGGEST container of the day was a case for an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) round. It was surprisingly roomy inside and held a lot of swag.
032413_nano - Copy
And as in previous desert caching posts, I’m going to complain about cachers who drive “cross country” to caches that are meant to be hiked.
032413_tracks - Copy
I would’ve missed this yucca pod if I’d driven.
032413_yucca - Copy
After the RVs, I crossed Hwy 395 and found 12 “Wandering Heroes” caches and added to the series with new caches for Retrofit (GC488C6), Foocachers (GC488CJ) and bleed_blue_LA (GC488D2). I finished the day with 62 finds and an early season tan, then went back to the motel.
032413_map - Copy


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