APRIL 2, 2013 – States & Capitals (Barstow)

The next morning I checked out of the motel and retraced the previous day’s route. But instead of turning for the Peace Sign I drove straight through to Hwy 395 and crossed from the Planes Trains Automobiles into the Dream Series (which I’d previously found) and straight through to the States & Capitals. The road to the first few States & Capitals was very rocky.
Then it became sandy. The caches seemed to be next to sections with especially deep sand. A few times I drove half way to the next cache to avoid stopping and possibly getting stuck.
It was at this point that I got smart. Until then the wind was blowing from behind and at every stop the dust from my driving caught up and got me in the face just as I stepped out. And the caches were all on my passenger side. So I decided to drive to the end of the series and work my way back, resolving both issues. On the way I stopped at a non-series cache The Balloon’s Demise (GC2HQJ1). GZ looked like Iraq.
I was glad that the cache wasn’t in the building.
The series containers are 1-1/2” square painted plastic tubs. They’ve only been out there about 3 months but about 20% are already replaced by film containers and similar micros. A lot of the remaining ones are cracked. They won’t make it through summer. If you do the series please bring some replacements.
There’s a cache and a lot of dried cow pies under this yucca.
The road on the small loop (see map) was especially flat and wide. Even a Prius would be OK here.
Just before reaching the ruins again I saw cachers approaching, the only people I saw during the entire run. I think that’s woodscout running back to H20_Klan’s FJ Cruiser. I’ve seen that vehicle parked in the desert before. We exchanged a 10 second no name greeting as we passed.
In just under 4 hours I found 117 caches with no DNFs for a total of 179 finds in my 1+1/2 day expedition.
And there are STILL hundreds of caches in the area left to find.


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