JUNE 29, 2013 – Odds & Ends

I haven’t had enough energy to go on any big cache runs for a few weeks. To fill the blogging void, here are some odds and ends that I hope you’ll find entertaining.

Found in an old tin box in my dad’s garage, it’s a picture of my grandparents camping in the mid-1920’s, probably in San Bernardino County. Note the 1923 Ford Model-T and the heavy duty water jug. There was no plastic back then. If they were still alive grandpa / grandma would be 128 and 114 years old.
I’m sure that pictures in the 1920’s were carefully composed to avoid wasting expensive film. 90 years later, without film to worry about, a missed shot isn’t given a second thought. Here’s one I found on my SD card. The camera must’ve gone off accidentally when I was rearranging my gear. Those perfect ivories belong to one of my geofriends. Guess who!!
And THIS misfire resulted when a hiking muggle was handed my camera to take a group shot. It’s also the cause of the Tar Creek Lake Monster rumors.
Here’s Foocachers (Sr) on a trail maintenance bulldozer we found on the Chamberlain Trail, east of Sycamore Canyon. Much of the area burned in the Springs Fire (May 2013). Caches either survived or were replaced.
Aptly named cache V-8 (GCIGRF) was hidden in Newbury Park. The area also burned. The container could’ve melted but I’m sure that the engine survived.
This is a downtown Barstow mural of the 19th century US Camel Corps. I can’t imagine a worse possible power trail caching vehicle than a camel.
This weekend’s weather forecast for the Route 66 series is in the mid 120’s. Cachers insane enough to go there could end up like this.
I plan to cache in Ventura instead.
We haven’t heard much from EMC of Northridge CA lately. She’s been out of action for so long that there could even be local newbies who’ve never heard of her. Well, here she is in full form during her caching heyday.


What happened to her? On a remote trail I found evidence that she was: right wing explanation ==> raptured, left wing explanation ==> beamed up to the mothership.


5 Responses to JUNE 29, 2013 – Odds & Ends

  1. Sissy says:

    This was fun! Those ivories must be mine because I’m holding a weed!!!!

  2. Elin Carlson says:

    I resemble that photo now… NOT!! I’m caching here and there… 😛

  3. NakoTacoPatrol says:

    It’s so neat to see the photo of your grandparents camping!

    And when we passed through Baker on Sunday it was 121 degrees at a Moose Mob cache… a Mighty Mega Bison (metal) = Ouch!

    • oldweeb says:

      Thanks! It skipped a generation. My parents NEVER did ANY outdoor activities. BTW I’ll be passing thru (no caching) Baker in a few days…as a tag-along on a bus trip. We’re stopping in Primm (2 new walking caches), not Baker.

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