OCTOBER 15, 2013 – Finishing the Shield

I took a weeklong vacation, driving across the desert to Geocoinfest 2013 in my new geocar (2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring). After years of going E on the 210 to the 15, I finally got smart and took the 5 to the 14 to Pearblossom Hwy/Palmdale Blvd to Victorville – and THEN to the 15. Weekday traffic was light and there were lots of cache filled dirt side roads along the way.

My 1st order of business was to check in at Days Inn Barstow. It was disappointing to find my favorite Barstow eatery down the street, Hollywood Subs, shuttered and out of business. Oh well, McD was next door. At 7am I drove 80 miles E on the 40 to Kelbaker Road and the Route 66 Shield series. It was my 4th trip there in 2 years and I FINALLY found the last 36 caches. There are now 200 smilies and no more green boxes on the map!!
It was a comfortable hike across familiar terrain.
Unfortunately, most of the containers were in sad shape.
Earlier this year they were fine. Less than 10 caches from the end I DNF’d one. A 1/2 hour search found no trace. I was resigned to having 199 finds and 1 DNF for the series. Then 3 caches later I found a re-supply ammo can. It had 3 new containers so I took 1 back to the DNF site, left it and logged a find. The shield owner was notified and I’m told that replacements for the original containers are on the way.

The temperature never reached 80. A cool breeze kept me from overheating, even when crossing the only altitude change in the series.
After encountering dozens of dead tortoise shells on previous trips, I’d hoped to see a live one for the first time. No luck. The most interesting wildlife seen was this catapillar.
I stayed another night in Barstow and then cached along the 15 to Las Vegas, concentrating between Primm and Jean. To be continued…


One Response to OCTOBER 15, 2013 – Finishing the Shield

  1. Don_J says:

    All those smileys look a lot nicer than my map.

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