OCTOBER 17, 2013 – Onward to Las Vegas

Wednesday was a relaxed travel day. I left Barstow and drove toward Nevada, stopping at offramps where there were green boxes on my map. A cache here and there, then Baker where there were 5 placed since my last visit. For the first time there was one at Area 52 (GC46MW4).
I bought 6 packs of jerky.

My next major stop was at Primm where I found a tricky cache outside the Buffalo Bill’s parking lot. After that, in Jean I decided to skip the caches on what was obviously the road into a prison.

This was a strange one Gay Fighter (GC2NVR) on the other side of the 15. I saw no gays, fighters nor anyone else near the cache.
At the Southern edge of the Las Vegas sprawl I parked, ran across a paved street and found a cache. Then I walked thru this tunnel, under the street and back to my car. Don’t do this if you’re claustrophobic and/or much taller than me (5’7″).
There was very convenient parking at this deserted dead end for one last hiking series.
This was the trailhead and cache OST 41 (GC20N1K).
Eventually I ran out of desert and drove to the Alexis Park Resort, site of Geocoinfest 2013. It looked like a huge collection of old bungallow apartments but my room was gigantic and well apppointed.
Even though it was still 4 days before the event, the parking lot had a lot of dust covered SUVs with TB decals. More to follow…


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