OCTOBER 20, 2013 – Geocoinfest 2013

The big day finally arrived. I filled my pack with 50 OLdweeb geocoins in 3 metals, 50 OLdweeb wooden nickels in 2 sizes and a few miscellaneous duplicate pathtags. With this heavy load I walked from my room to the main entrance.
The line moved quickly because most people picked up their passes the previous night. Grease pencils were provided for the sign in log which was a big non-working slot machine. I signed the back. Travel bugs & moving coins were deposited in boxes at the door, according to their requested destination.
The main hall was ringed with coin and swag vendors. Garmin, Magellan and Munzie.com were also there. Round tables were in the center. Bored spouses, tired cachers and a few traders sat down but the tables mostly stayed empty. A few seminars (I heard that if you sat thru 1 for travel insurance, you were given a geocoin) and a brief pathtag trading session were held in other rooms.
I enjoyed talking with various geofriends and random cachers from other states. But overall I was disappointed that the event was so vendor-centric. I got nowhere close to trading away my 50 coins. At least the few traders in attendance happily accepted my OLdweeb geocoins. Here are my meager trade results:
At 2:30pm the main room was emptying out. The minders of the travel bug/coin boxes didn’t want to get stuck with hundreds of bugs (& a few coins) so they asked people to “take ‘em from any box and keep ‘em moving.” I took 6 small travelers. I’m sure that lots and lots of the bigger TBs had no takers.

I ate lunch at a new highly rated Mongolian Restaurant on the corner and went back to my room to play online. ($12.99 for 24 hours of internet access) After dark I went outside and hiked a mile to “The Strip.” It’s just ‘not my thing’ for so many reasons that I pretended to visit Coruscant, the ultra advanced planet-covering city of the Star Wars universe. NERD!!!
LV_2I didn’t expect these night time phone pictures to ‘turn out.’ They did. Camera technology has progressed a lot in the last few years.
Two virtual caches happened to be on my walking path.
This picture satisfied the logging requirement for the 2nd one.
geo_4_lionSix straight days of caching, ending with the after event walk made me so tired I finally slept soundly. Just after dawn I drove back home, finding 40+ caches. But at least 10 were mysteriously missing from my Montana. It’s going back to the factory for a complete diagnostic, software wipe & reload.


3 Responses to OCTOBER 20, 2013 – Geocoinfest 2013

  1. Jim Carleton says:

    With the upcoming GeocoinFest in Long Beach next year, I made a point to re-read this blog. I am hopeful that 2017 will be different than 2013 was for you. I have well over 100 geocoins, many of them 8 years old or so, that I hope to be able to trade or sell. But I will certainly keep my expectations low. Still, the age of them, and the small numbers of them available (for most, only 50 or 100 of them were minted), might make them appealing. Thanks for writing this!

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