DECEMBER 3, 2013 – East of Palmdale

The last day of my Thanksgiving vacation (12/1) was spent solo caching in the desert East of Palmdale. I left home at 9:30am and found my first cache at 11:00 and my last at 3:25pm. It never got above 53 degrees.
All caches were off pavement. There’s a horrendous amount of trash strewn in this part of the desert. But at one cache, KZ-Hub Central (GC3Y63J) the trash is semi-organized.
Light rain the day before kept the dust down on dirt roads without leaving any mud. Rare for desert caching, I was able to keep my windows open. Sandy stretches were no problem for my Forester. As an 8 year former Prius owner, I can say with confidence, “leave your Prius at home or you’ll get stuck here.” See the Northwest quadrant of the map at the bottom of this post.
Some caches were within steps of the (unpaved) road. Most were 150’ to 200’ out. Small square plastic tubs predominated. Genuine Rubbermaids were dry inside. Gladware-types were often cracked and usually wet inside. There were a few PVC bush hangers and 2 no-neck bottles. Extracting logs sheets from these bottles wasn’t easy.
In 4-1/2 hours of relaxed park & walk caching, I found 36 caches and DNF’d 4. I skipped the ones close to houses on the assumption that people who choose to live miles from their nearest neighbors are likely to be especially unhappy to see an obvious non-local snooping around, even 200’ away. Note the tops of the “Z”s in “Hazzard.” Some caches were several tenths of a mile from even the dirt ‘roads.’ They can’t be reached without driving ‘cross country.’ I walked to a few of these by following the tire tracks of cachers who DID drive ‘cross country.’ I skipped the rest. Note the first “A” and the middle of the first “Z.”

There was another hour of daylight but my traditional post-caching In-N-Out Double Double called my name. (This time I had a Double/Single – cutting back on cheese…)
197 caches to go to reach my annual goal of 1,200 finds.


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