FEBRUARY 24, 2014 – Scary Dairy, post-fire

It was my first visit after the Camarillo Spring Fire burned most of the park. Signage indicates that it now belongs to CSUCI. I paid $7. to the iron ranger and drove to the model airfield parking lot. A sign there read “flying unmanned aircraft prohibited.” No more planes, no more flyers. So mine was the only car in the lot.
It was oddly silent on the hike North toward the interesting stuff.
A permanent looking chain link fence now surrounds the ‘barn.’
There’s one around the main buildings too. My camera lens was small enough to fit between the links. I’m glad that my geofriends and I explored the barn and buildings in 2012, before the fence went up.
Until this point, the hike was mostly flat.
Though the fire was almost 10 months ago, most areas were completely burned with little visible recovery. The previous day’s light rain caused the smell of ash and soot to be all pervasive. It was definitely not the day to visit for people with sensitive noses (not me).
There’s a cache at each “X.” The “F” is a Fragrant Field of Fennel.
This is a closer view of “F.” There wasn’t much fuel for the fire here. So it wasn’t intense and didn’t linger, leaving the fennel seeds undamaged and ready to germinate.
There’s almost nothing left at the old school except for this metal part of a bench, a building foundation and some rocks arranged in circles. All of the playground equipment seen on my previous visit is gone.
I found more caches and climbed over hills on the way back to the main trail. An easy cache was at this old water trough.
Nearby, I spotted a few cactuses that survived the flames.
My figure 8 hike was complete. I ended my 3-1/2 hour visit with 4 hills climbed, 11 hiking caches found and 1 DNF. I didn’t see another person. There are still a lot of unfound (by me) caches on the bigger hills so I’ll be back.


2 Responses to FEBRUARY 24, 2014 – Scary Dairy, post-fire

  1. 32and53fan says:

    I’m glad I got to experience that area when it was free of the bureaucrats that have now ruined it for the adventurous. When the area was free, there was freedom. Now we have to pay to get less. It it’s yet another case of our screwed up legal system. “We better put chain link fences around the only interesting artifacts left over from the days of a working dairy that was here. We dare not risk the chance of some snotty-nosed toddler stumbling and falling on to some broken glass or rusty piece of metal, lest their mother, prompted by some sleazy ambulance chasing lawyer, decides to sue the university.” was probably the thinking of the board of commissioners that are planning the future of the park.
    I’m glad that I was able to bring folks here to enjoy the challenge of my geocaches “Concrete Forest”, “Tinman” and the joint cache that I helped Cybercat put up, “California Hawaiian Style” with no nanny state there to protect them. Those board members would have a coronary if they saw the final part of “Concrete Forest” where one had to climb a ladder to the top of a huge concrete pipe to find an ammo can in the entrance of another pipe connected at the top. According to the logs, most people loved the thrill of that hunt, even though it was a little scary and potentially dangerous.
    I’m glad you were there before the fences went up, Ken.

  2. Elin Carlson says:

    Those were great, scary caches at the old dairy!

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