MAY 26, 2014 – San Diego

I was close to maxing out my vacation days. Where to go? Another session of desert caching wasn’t appealing, especially with the possibility of inferno heat and high winds. Monterey was fully booked. My old standby, San Diego, was it.

Immediately I drove around Fiesta Island, stopped and found all of the new (to me) caches.
Afterward I left my Forester in the dirt lot at the island’s entrance, next to Ring My Bell…Fiesta Island Fun (GC4TE3C) and walked along Mission Bay. I did a quick orbit of a camo’d outhouse. The ick factor kept me from searching in, on or under it for the cache. At least the terrain nearby was scenic.
The next morning I drove around the Southern end of San Diego Bay, through Imperial Beach to Coronado. It was my first time in the area. Coronado “Island” looked just like Pacific Palisades. Starting from a small free parking lot at Bayshore Bikeway (GC1R5AP) I walked South. Less than 0.2 miles later a 1.2 mile long nature walk began, parallel to the bike path.
There were no weekday muggles on the path. Caches were strategically located at resting points. All of them were large enough for swag!
Occasionally, there were interesting, educational rocks.
I kept caching South beyond the end of the walkway, back along the bike path. At 2.5 miles, I turned around and hiked back to the parking lot. There was plenty of remaining daylight and l ended up driving alongside a wildlife preserve and 4 easy caches. Here’s the view into Mexico from Extended View x2 (GCTP7H). The border fence is the dark line across the middle of the picture.
The following day I was too sore for intense hiking. I stayed close to the hotel and visited Shelter Island.
Pelicans were perched on it.
And this reptilian looking bird was on a piling underneath.
Then I drove up Point Loma to the Cabrillo National Monument. I paid the $5. parking fee, walked around and found 2 virtual caches – of which this is NOT one.
The few muggles were all at the visitor’s center staring at Coronado Island and downtown San Diego. I walked uphill to the lighthouse and looked out at the open ocean. Down below I noticed my ideal house-compound. The road to the tide pools passed by it. Signs indicated a Coast Guard facility.
After finding only 41 caches in 2-1/2 days I was more stressed out than ever. So that night I checked out and returned home.


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