SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 – 2 new BBT caches (PMSP)

While searching for a short caching hike, I was surprised to see 2 new Backbone Trail (BBT) caches near its western end. They replaced 2 caches archived due to the lingering effects of the May 2013 Springs Fire. I used my California States Parks Surf Explorer Pass to park in the almost empty trailhead lot. The sign in the background, between the posts is the start (or end) of the BBT.
This is a closer view. It’s strange that there’s no mention of the BBT as there is at the other end 68 miles away in Will Rogers State Historic Park.
This is the view looking right, from a few feet into the trail. It was the first time I saw green plants here since the fire.
The forward view shows that hillside recovery is slower.
About .3 miles in, after a few sharp switchbacks I arrived at GZ for BBT – New Beginnings (GC5D2KG). Note the burned & rusted cookie tin lid for the previous cache that used to be here. I found the current one a few feet away.
Next I stopped at a switchback and enjoyed the clear ocean view. The temperature was below 80 degrees so even with the continuous uphill, I didn’t need any long rests.
It was another ½ mile and more switchbacks to my 2nd BBT target Big Eagle’s Perch Burnt Down (GC5D7JY), a particularly well placed cache in honor of Big Eagle who passed away earlier this year. I turned around after the find and started back. I saw a family with small children heading my way. At 300’ one of the kids looked at me and shouted backward in a heavy red state accent, “Ma! Ah think he’s Cha-neez.” That mindset was common 40 years ago in elementary school. Back then a lot of parents and even a few teachers were as bad. But today, with wife and kids around, I didn’t think pa would start something with me. And I was right. Everyone was all smiles and very friendly as we passed.
I stepped 400’+ off trail to find a non-BBT cache, Pacific Rim (GC1GBNQ). The lack of ground cover made for an easy walk along a faint animal track. When the vegetation fully recovers it’ll be much harder to reach GZ.

MISC: The evolution of lighting in the dweeb cave:
incandescent 100w, CFC (2 x 100w equiv), LED (4 x 80w equiv)


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