OCTOBER 25, 2014 – Santa Cruz to Moss Landing, CA State Beaches

I left my Cannery Row motel early Wednesday morning and drove about 40 miles North to the southern edge of Santa Cruz. My first stop was New Breighton State Beach where I was waved through the gate without paying the $10. parking/use fee when I held up my Surf Explorer annual pass. The weather was perfect as was the beach walk toward the day’s first cache. At 75’ I realized that GZ was up on the cliffs above. Argh!! I walked back. In the other direction I stopped at a “registered campers only beyond this point” sign. It would’ve been easy to walk in but I didn’t go on vacation to be surrounded by muggles. So I drove out of the park onto a cliff top road and found the cache I’d missed from below China Beach (GCW7EY).
A mile and a half South, still hard to find on unfamiliar roads, I reached Seacliff State Beach. Again I was waved past the fee collector. A left turn through a big empty parking lot got me to 200’ from a cache. My arrow pointed to a long wooden staircase leading down to the beach. This was the exact opposite situation from New Breighton. I trudged down the steps and found another huge parking lot! And then I DNF’d the cache!! I staggered back up, took a huge swig of Lipton raspberry ice tea and found a different cache. On the way I took a picture of the SS Palo Alto an abandoned WW1 era CONCRETE ship and then drove to the lower lot.
There was an easy cache in a tree. But there was none at the great site below.
My next stop was Manresa State Beach where there was another loooong stairway to the beach. The picture is from half way down, at GZ for a nano cache. There was no parking lot or road at the bottom.
I skipped Sunset State Beach because it was the northernmost beach I’d visited 2 years ago and I’d found the caches then. Palm Beach State Park was next. Mine was the only vehicle in the pay lot. A clever well placed cache Magnetized (GC4A0CZ) was in this empty picnic area next to parking.
The beach was a 2 minute sandy walk through eucalyptus. It was windswept, empty and especially scenic. And I found a cache I DNF’d on my last trip.
There isn’t a coastal road that leads from beach to beach. Reaching each one meant driving on farm roads, following behind tractors, going through unsigned intersections and sometimes backtracking to the freeway. On the way to Zmudolski State Beach a road dead ended. A quick look at my GPSr showed a cache there so I stopped. The container was very well constructed and an easy find. I stepped up on a berm at GZ and was surprised by the great view of what I later learned was the Pajaro River estuary.
This is the view from the same spot looking inland.
Soon I found the torn up road to Zmudolski. And yet again there were no other vehicles. I quickly found a cache that was missing 2 years ago and then took a break before heading to Moss Landing.
Once there I found 3 roadside caches in quick succession. In 2012 I saw dozens of sea otters. This time there were none. On my way out I thought someone was waving for help from the beach. A closer look revealed an enormous pelican, over 4’ tall flapping its 8’ wingspan. It doesn’t look impressive just standing in the picture but it towered over the surrounding birds.
14 finds and lots of DNFs wasn’t much to show for a full day of caching. But I had a great time.


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